Transient Phenomena in Single-Reed Woodwind Instruments


Project number: FWF P28655-N32
Project leader: Dr. Vasileios Chatziioannou
Research facility: Institute of Music Acoustics (IWK)
University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Cooperation partners:

Computational Acoustic Modeling Laboratory, McGill University, Montreal
Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast

Date of approval: 05.10.2015
Project start: 01.03.2016
Project end: 31.08.2019
Scientific areas: 103002, Acoustics (55 %)
604024, Musicology (45 %)
Keywords: music, acoustics, sound synthesis, music performance, tongue articulation, woodwind instruments

Sensor-reed on saxophone mouthpiece

Funded byFWF – Der Wissenschaftsfonds