Resources & Downloads

SOM interface TROMPA Music Encodings. This open repository contains MEI encodings of all major non-sonata solo pieces by Ludwig van Beethoven and several other composers.
SOM interface Perception of touch quality in piano tones. [Goebl, Bresin, & Fujinaga, 2014, JASA, 136(5), 2839–2850]. Listen to all sound samples of this study and identify the type of touch that a sound was produced with.
SOM interface Exploring Expressive Performance Trajectories [Goebl, Pampalk, & Widmer, 2004, ICMPC8, 505–509]. Examine 6 Chopin pieces played by 6 famous pianists with an interactive user interface.
Performance Animations Visualization of Expressive Performance [Langner & Goebl, 2003, Comp Mus J 27(4), 69–83]. View two-dimensional performance animations, aka the “Performance Worm.”
JAVA plot package Download a Matlab-like plot package for JAVA 1.5 or higher that provides classes to draw 2D plots as easily and comfortably as with the Matlab plot() command (Plot.jar (93kB) [Version 20140723], javadoc). If you are interested in the code or want to report improvements, please contact me.
Goebl (1999). The Vienna 4x22 Piano Corpus, 4 pieces performed by 22 professional pianists, doi:10.21939/4X22 (Open Data, 31 Jan 2017).