Music & Sound Installations:

  • “Study for virtual keyboard instrument and hand tracking in a VR environment” (2021)

    Interactive Sound Installation // UA: 17.6.2021

    This sound installation explores the non-physicality of virtual environments and their impact on interactions with virtual musical instruments. Using hand-tracking technology, visitors of this virtual reality (VR) sound installation can play a virtual keyboard instrument displayed via a head-mounted display. Following an experimental approach to contemporary piano music, in this installation the entire instrument behaves differently compared to the real world. Due to the virtual-physical system, the expected quickly transforms into the unexpected. The implications of an instrument with free-floating keys that produce sound when they collide are to be explored by the visitors.

    Documentation of the exhibition at Nime 2021 NYU-Shanghai (China)

    Concept, realisation and audio design by Alex Hofmann. 3D - Piano Model by Ben Morris ( Photos and Videos from Live-Event in June 2021 at NYU-Shanghai by Zhao Yang.

    • More infos and downloads here.

  • “Study for Saxophonist Avatar and two Loudspeakers in a VR environment” (2020)

    Interactive Sound Installation // UA: 9.9.2020 - SOUND CAMPUS/Metaverse -> Ars Electronica Festival 2020

    “Study for Saxophonist Avatar and two Loudspeakers in a VR environment” is an artistic research project in progress, that explores Virtual Reality (VR) as a performance space for experimental music. This experiment puts the listener into a scene with stroboscopic lights and dissolving walls of a large and almost empty hangar. A group of listeners can explore the scene that comprises both light effects and sound. The scenery contains a saxophonist avatar, two loudspeakers and a sofa, placed with enough distance for the listeners to move around between the sound radiating objects.

    Scene and Audio Design by Alex Hofmann

    Additional Credits: Scanned Avatar by Jun Seok Kang from Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Saxophone Model by kelumeiguidzyh (CC-BY), Couch Model by Danny Bittman (CC-BY) Speaker Model by Ryan C (CC-BY)

    • More infos and downloads here.

  • “65.4” - 3’30” (2019)

    Half-Physler, Cello und Live-Elektronik Live electronics including digital processing, embedded systems UA: 28.9.2019 - ICSC 2019 Cagli (IT), Alex Hofmann (Halfphysler), Sebastian Schmutzhard (Cello + COSMO Live Electronics)

“65.4” is a drone piece for live-processed Cello and Halfphysler. Inspired by the opening of the music podcast ‘Klangangriff’ by the Georgian artist Yakkushi, Hofmann and Schmutzhard teleport the sound atmosphere onto a live stage using the cello and physical modelling with Csound. The live processing of the Cello is based on effects of the COSMO library and runs on the embedded ultra low-latency platform Bela. The Halfphysler is a hybrid acoustic-virtual single reed instrument that has been presented at NIME 2019 the first time. This novel instrument is comprised of a sensor equipped clarinet reed and a virtual tube, simulated in realtime using Csound and the Bela board.

  • “Steady Growth” – Klarenz EP (2019)

    released on Wirr-Records, Alex Hofmann on Tenor Sax and Kostia Rapoport on Live Electronics.

  • “Tight-Interlocked Oscillators” - 7’40’’ (2018),

    Komposition veröffentlicht auf DEGEM-CD 16 (2018) - “drop the beat” ( Radioplay: Acoustic Frontiers, 4.3.2019

  • “Bela-Tenor”- 11’30’’ (2018)

    Tenorsaxophon mit integrierter Live-Elektronik im Saxophonetrichter, UA: 9.6.2018 - Linux Audio Konferenz, Berlin (DE). Video Stream

  • “Standardmaßnahmen” – Klarenz LP (2018)

    released on Wirr-Records Alex Hofmann on Alto Sax and Kostia Rapoport on Live Electronics.

  • “CosmoPi” - 14’30’’ (2015)

    Live-Electronics mit Csound und Raspberry Pi UA: 26.9.2015 - Kontakte Festival ’15, Akademie der Künste Berlin, (DE).

  • “Nd2Fe14B” - 4’11’’ (2015) Hofmann/Rofalski

    Klavier und Live-Elektronik, Veröffentlicht auf CD Kompilation “Seltene Erden” (DEGEM-CD 12).

  • “Active Controlled Transducer Limits” - 3’19’’ (2013) The Cosmo Project (Hofmann/Waerstad)

    E-Guitar, Saxophone, Live-Elektronics UA: 3.10.2015 - ICSC’15, St. Petersburg (RU)

  • “Shutter Lights” - 6’08’’ (2013) Hofmann/Rofalski

    Saxophone, Klavier, Live-Elektronik UA: 27.10.2013 -Berklee College of Music, David Friend Recital Hall - 921 Boylston, Boston (US)

  • “Spring Rise” - 3’46’’(2012) Hofmann/Rofalski

    Saxophone, Klavier, Live-Elektronik UA: 3.11.2012 - Extempore Zwei Festival, Hannover, Germany

  • “Verbraufte Kusik” (2010) - Video und Ton

    UA: 26.11.2010 zuHören in Winsen - (Ver)Kauf(te) Musik - Altes Forsthaus Habichtshorst (DE)

  • “Burn Out Remixed“ (2010)- 22’00’’ für 4-Kanal Live-Elektronik

    UA: 30.10.2010 - Ex Tempore Festival - Improvisation in zeitgenössischem Jazz, Elektronik und Free Music

  • “Isolation im Kollektiv - Eine elektro-akustische Netzwerkinstallation im Zeitalter digitaler Kommunikation”

    Klanginstallation mit 4 vernetzten Klangstationen in einem Bunker (2007) , UA: 5.-7.10 2007 - zeit.punkt festival (hgnm), Hannover, (DE).

  • “Burn Out” - 10’30’’ (2007) Saxophone & Live-Elektronik,

    UA: 25.1.2007 - Kestner Gesellschaft Hannover; ZKM -Next Generation Festival 26.6. 2007, Karlsruhe (DE). (Videostream Diplomkonzert 2007)

  • “Zeitverschwendung” Hofmann/Rapoport (2006) Klanginstallation

    für CD-Spieler UA: 3-5.11.2006 - Radialsystem V Berlin Tenso Days

  • “15:30” - 16’00’’ (2005/06) Hofmann/Rapoport

    für Tennis und Live-Elektronik UA: 11.6.2005 - ZKM - Next Generation Festival, Karlsruhe (DE);

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