• The Half-Physler as presented at NIME 2019 [1] and the resontube opcode as presented at the ICSC 2019 [2]


  • The COSMO DSP library contains +20 Csound-based audio effects (DSP-Library/Effects).


  • CCIn - CC-Responder MIDI-In wrapper for SuperCollider
    • https://github.com/supercollider-quarks/CCIn
    • This class makes it quick to send MIDI control values to UGen arguments. It initialises a CCResponder and maps the received data onto control busses. Those can be read out by the class itself.
    • Code by Alex Hofmann & Florian Golz, with support from Fredrik Olofsson & Alberto DeCampo (Dez. 2010)

Install within SC-Lang:


Then choose: “Language-> Recompile Class Library”


// simple example
m = CCIn.new;      // listen to all midi in ports and all midichannels
x = {SinOsc.ar(m.kr(0, 0, \freq), 0, 0.2)}.play  // MIDI Chan = 0, CC = 0, Range 20-20000 Hz
m.free;     // loosing control
x.free;     // free synth



  • Developed within the ASEA-Uninet project on distributed ethnomusicology data, this is the code base for a proof-of-concept implementation for an API-service for Music Information Retrieval, running in parallel with a Data Repository (Dataverse). Authors and details in [5], including an example analysis, based on the model by [6].

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