Electro-acoustic music

  • Hofmann (2018) ‘Tight-Interlocked Oscillators’ appears on CD compilation “Drop The Beat” EDITION DEGEM ‎– ed07.

The piece has also been presented in the Acoustic Frontiers radio show on Monday March 4th, 2019 presented by Ralph Hopper on CKCU FM 93.1.

EM-Doku holds an overview of a couple of my contemporary pieces, especially those that are in the archive of the TU-Berlin or Hmtm-Hannover: ‘Verbraufte Kusik’ (2010), ‘Isolation im Kollektiv’ (2007), ‘Burn Out’/’Me against Myself’ (2006-2010)


  • June 2018: Solo Performance @ LAC2018 (Artisana, Berlin, DE)
  • Sept. 2015: Invited solo-concert at Kontakte Festival ’15 (Akademie der Künste Berlin, DE)

In 2018 the COSMO (Csound On Stage Musical Operator) Project ported Csound to the Bela/Beagle Bone board. This opens up totally new live-electronics possibilties with the saxophone. For my latest performance, I build a device with a speaker and a microphone + Bela + COSMO which fits inside the acoustic instrument. This gives me a lot of freedom to move around during the performance and creates a good mix of electronic and acoustic sound. Here are some pictures from my current setup:

alt text

.. and a small snippet from my live performance at Linux Audio Conference 2018.

Link to the Full Length Video Stream.


Originally formed in 2005, the Duo of Kostia Rapoport (Electronics/Piano) and Alex Hofmann (Saxophone/Electronics) started to explore contemporary playing techniques, expressive music performance and real-time sound synthesis in various projects:

  • 2018 Standardmaßnahmen by Klarenz was released on Wirr-Records in 2018. klarenz plays sax. klarenz plays piano. klarenz plays electronics. klarenz is a vienna-nuremberg-based duo of Alex Hofmann and Kostia Rapoport.

live @ sprengel museum hannover. recorded on june, 9th 2007. Download the entire album (18 tracks) as a .zip-file here.

  • 15 : 30 oder: Wer möchte für Studiengebühren schon seine Tennisclubmitgliedschaft kündigen müssen? für Tennis und Live-Elektronik, von Alex Hofmann / Kostia Rapoport, UA 2005

Performed at ZKM (Next Generation Festival) and other places


COSMO Collective is an open musical collaboration for musicians using DIY electronics and custom software written in Csound. There is no definite musical style, though it could perhaps be characterized as electro-acoustic improvisation. The focus is on the exploration of sound and timbre, rather than traditional harmonics and rhythm, and exploiting the powers of Csound in this pursuit.

alt text

The core of the group are the original members Alex Hofmann (saxophone and electronics) and Bernt Isak Wærstad (guitar and electronics), but a performance can consist of any number of players. COSMO Collective have performed several shows around the world, including New York, St. Petersburg, Boston, Berlin and Trondheim.

Recent performances:

  • Dec. 2017: Club Rhiz, Vienna (AT)
  • May 2017: Presentation at NIME conference, Kopenhagen (DK)
  • Oct. 2016: Sørforkomfort, Oslo; Nov. 2015: DIGS, Trondheim (NO)
  • Nov. 2016: Landmark, Bergen (NO); Csound 30 Conference, Maynooth University (IR) (Youtube-Video)
  • July 2016: Performance at NIME conference, Brisbane (AU) (Youtube-Video)
  • Oct. 2015: Int. Csound Conference, St. Petersburg (RU)

“A well conceived participatory, democratic performance using portable devices, coupling spatial sound with self made musical instruments in a novel way.” - Anonymous Reviewer, International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, 2016”

(Photo by Markus Gradwohl)


(active 2013-15)

Hofmann/Rofalski Project: Duo-concerts, Sound improvisations to readings, and theatre plays

  • Roman Rofalski (piano, live-electronics)
  • Alex Hofmann (saxophone, live-electronics)

In 2015 Hofmann/Rofalski contributed a piece called ‘Nd2Fe14B’ to the CD compilation “Seltene Erden” (DEGEM-CD 12) for piano and live-electronics.

Selected international concerts:

  • Oct. 2015 WIM, Zurich (CH)
  • Feb. 2014 Concert Tour, u.a. Schauspielhaus Hannover, Donau 115 Berlin, Strenge Kammer@Porgy&Bess Vienna (DE, AT)
  • May 2013 Concert at Douglass Street Music Collective, New York (USA)
  • Oct 2013 Invited Performance at Berklee College of Music, Boston (USA)