Based on the precise measurements of the reed vibrations (see Project: “Augmented Instruments”) on saxophone and clarinet, we started to investigate the effects of different articulation techniques towards the development of physical models capable of simulating and synthesizing realistic single-reed woodwind tone production [1,5].

These steps also involved a thorough calibration of the reed-sensors using Laser-Doppler Vibrometry and high-speed camera recordings [2], as well as an estimation of the sensor’s influence on the reed-vibrations using Laser interferometry [3]. Furthermore an empirical study was carried out to capture a variety of articulation techniques used by advanced clarinetists that showed the influence of the tonguing technique on the begin and end transients of clarinet sounds [4].

alt text Mouth pressure (pm, blue), mouthpiece pressure (p, green) and reed displacement (y, orange), with overlapped low-pass filtered signals (pˆm in dark blue, ŷ in red), shown for staccato playing. (Figure from [4], by Pàmies-Vilà )


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This research was carried out at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, within the FWF-Project (P28655) “Transient Phenomena in Single-Reed Woodwind Instruments”.