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13. September 2019: See our demo of TROMPA Performance Companion.

Vienna Talk 2020

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Institute of Music Acoustics (Wiener Klangstil), we are inviting for the Fourth Vienna Talk on Music Acoustics and Performance Science 2020 under the theme "Bridging the Gaps". This symposium will start with a welcome party on September 13 and will prosumably end on September 16, 2020.

The Department of Music Acoustics – Wiener Klangstil (IWK) is a transdisciplinary research institute dedicated to basic research in the fields of music acoustics, performance science, psychoacoustics, and music psychology. In the field of applied research, it focusses on musician-specific questions, particularly the acoustics of musical instruments and their interaction with playing technique and performance style.


Radiation characteristics of a Steinway D


Vibration patterns of violins


Bell vibrations of Renaissance trombones


Performance analysis with a CEUS by Bösendorfer


Radiation patterns of a guitar


Motion synchronization of piano trios

Institut für musikalische Akustik - Wiener Klangstil (IWK)

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