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Acoustic Lab

The Acoustic Lab of the Institute of Music Acoustics (Wiener Klangstil) offers a wide range of various acoustic measurement methods, like:
  • Sound Analysis
  • Measurement of sound pattern
  • Acoustic Input Impedance
  • Modalanalysis
  • Interferometrie Vibration Analysis
  • Highspeed Image Recording
  • and much more....
acoustic lab IWK / music acoustics

Anechoic Chamber

In an anechoic chamber no reflections from the walls, floor or ceiling are allowed. according to ÖNORM S 5035 and DIN ??? 99.5% of the radiated sound energy must be absorbed. Anechoic chambers are commonly used for experiments requiring acoustic 'free field' conditions. Therefore no standing waves can establish.

entrance anechoig chamber IWK / music acoustics anechoic chamber IWK / music acoustics

In connection with the anechoic chamber various instrumentation- and studio microphones as well as digital recording equipment from 2 up to 24 channels is available.

acoustic measurements @ acoustic lab IWK mic array measurements @ acoustic lab IWK acoustic measurements @ acoustic lab IWK

Directional Characteristic Measurements

Automatic Turntable


Software outputs directional characteristic plot

Mechanical Vibration Analysis


For the analysis of mechanical vibration behavior different methods and devices are available:
  • input admittance measurements
  • modal analysis
  • acceleration measurements
For the excitation an impact hammer, shaker or loudspeaker can be used. Our smallest accelerometer has a weight of just 0.2 gramms.


'Laser Lab' / Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometrie


The ESPI System (Electronic Speckle Pattern Inferometry) offers a possibilty for optical analysis of instrument body vibration patterns.

optical vibration analysis @ acoustic lab IWK optical vibration analysis @ acoustic lab IWK


High Speed Camera / Slow Motion Analysis


The camera can be used for the analysis of trajectories and for visualisation of the vibration pattern of musical instruments.

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