Kilele - Music Technology Symposium (Nairobi, KE)

Timeframe: 12.-18.2.2024

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

With more than 40 Artists, 20 Panelists, 10 Workshops and +150 attendees, we were part of organising Kilele – the first symposium on music technology and innovation in East Africa.

Program photo Program photo

Running from February 12th to 18th 2024, this event is the culmination of over a decade of accelerated creative endeavor in the electronic music space of East Africa, and dials in on the role of technology in music innovation, education, and creativity. Kilele will connect artists, DJs, curators, collectives, and venues with key players in the global music space to celebrate the journey so far, and define the path forward.

Program photo Program photo

Happening across various venues within The Mall, home of Santuri East Africa, such as The Mist, Goethe Institute’s FEM Lab and various other cultural hubs, we think there was something for everyone in this week-long extravaganza. You can find some impressions below.

Program photo Gregory Mwendwa from Santuri is officialy opening the event on 12.2.2024 Program photo Workshop on “Building live-electronic instruments with Pure Data derived from tape-music compositions” by Tim-Tarek Grund Program photo Research presentation with subsequent panel discussion by Astrid Bin at FEM Lab Program photo Body percussion and Live-Electronics workshop by Nyokabi and Alex Program photo Program photo Live-Electronics performance by Kostia Rapoport Program photo Live-Electronics performance by Feldermelder and Afrorack Program photo Event supporters and sponsors Program photo Artistic research presentation by KMRU Program photo Live-Performance by Gabriel Vigliensoni at The Mist Program photo Kilele was featured in the local news on 15.2.2024


A full video-documentation of the event is coming soon.