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Pamies-Vila, Montserrat; Hofmann, Alex, and Chatziioannou, Vasileios (2017)
"Strain to Displacement Calibration for Single-Reeds Using a High-Speed Camera,"
in Proceedings of the 2017 International Symposium on Musical Acoustics p. 5--8.

Measurements of reed bending on the clarinet and saxophone have been used to qualitatively analyse the reed behaviour and its interaction with the player’s tongue. A similar measurement technique is now aimed at obtaining quantitative information regarding the opening at the reed tip. This paper presents an experimental procedure in which the reed bending and reed- tip opening are simultaneously measured while the reed is artificially excited via a pressure-controlled blowing system. The reed bending is measured in terms of its surface strain and the reed-tip opening is obtained from processed high- speed camera images. For different blowing pressures and lip forces, a comparison of the measured signals indicates a linear strain-to-displacement relationship. Using a linear calibration model, the strain signal has been satisfactorily converted into reed displacement. This procedure opens up the possibility to measure the reed-tip opening under real playing conditions.

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