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Hofmann, Alex; Waerstad, Bernt I.; Balasubramanian, Saranya, and Koch, Kristoffer E. (2017)
"From interface design to the software instrument - Mapping as an approach to FX-instrument building,"
in Proceedings of the NIME 2017 (Copenhagen, DK) p. 133-138.

To build electronic musical instruments, a mapping between the real-time audio processing software and the physical controllers is required. Different strategies of mapping were developed and discussed within the NIME community to improve musical expression in live performances. This pa- per discusses an interface focussed instrument design ap- proach, which starts from the physical controller and its functionality. From this definition, the required, underlying software instrument is derived. A proof of concept is imple- mented as a framework for effect instruments. This frame- work comprises a library of real-time effects for Csound, a proposition for a JSON-based mapping format, and a mapping-to-instrument converter that outputs Csound in- strument files. Advantages, limitations and possible future extensions are discussed.

Copenhagen, DK
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Aalborg University Copenhagen

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