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Pamies-Vila, Montserrat; Mayer, Alexander; Hofmann, Alex, and Chatziioannou, Vasileios (2016)
"Measurement of dynamic bending and displacement of clarinet reeds,"
in Proceedings of the 7th AAAA Congress on Sound and Vibrations, edited by Mirko Cudina (ALPS Adria Acoustics Association, Ljubljana, Sl) p. 171-178.

Novel equipment for single reed motion analysis with minimal intrusiveness has been designed in order to analyse the reed behaviour inside the player's mouth during performance. The experimental setup consists of a strain gauge sensor fixed on the flat side of the reed which gives a voltage signal proportional to the applied tensile or compressive stress, thus changing according to the bending of the reed. A former study analysed the relationship between the reed tip displacement and the reed bending under the effect of punctual static forces. Following that study, the question arises whether it is possible to extend the analysis to a dynamic configuration and experimentally characterise the bending-displacement relationship. In this study, the sensor reed is mounted on a mouthpiece which is coupled to a cylindrical tube representing the clarinet bore. An aspirated flow from the bore side induces the vibration of the reed. The reed motion is simultaneously captured by the strain gauge sensor and by a Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV). This configuration allows the measurement and further analysis of the dynamic bending and displacement of the reed. Two reeds with different stiffness are compared, showing a linear strain-displacement correlation at the tested frequencies and amplitudes.

Ljubljana, Sl
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ALPS Adria Acoustics Association
ALPS Adria Acoustics Association
Mirko Cudina

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