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Hofmann, Alex; Waerstad, Bernt, and Koch, Kristoffer (2016)
"Csound Instruments On Stage,"
in Proceedings of the NIME 2016 (Griffith University, Brisbane, AU) p. 291-294.

Low cost, credit card size computers like the Raspberry Pi allow musicians to experiment with building software-based standalone musical instruments. The COSMO Project aims to provide an easy-to-use hardware and software framework to build Csound based instruments as hardware devices. Inside the instrument, the Csound software is running on a Raspberry Pi computer, connected to a custom designed interface board (COSMO-HAT) that allows to connect potentiometers, switches, LED's, and sensors. A classic stomp box design is used to demonstrate how Csound can be brought on stage as a stand-alone hardware effect instrument.

Brisbane, AU
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Griffith University

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