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Widholm, Gregor (2012)
"Music Acoustics - A Recent Field Of Research With Roots In Ancient Greece,"
in 5th Congress of the Alps Adria Acoustics Association (Zadar, Croatia).

Music Acoustics as an independent and self-contained field of scientific research exists no more than about 20 years, although some fundamental discoveries and several important scientific findings were made in mediaeval times, the Renaissance and Baroque era and last but not least in the 19th century. Music Acoustics to a great extent is a trans-disciplinary or cross-disciplinary field of research – not surprisingly if we keep in mind that music exists only in our brain. To get practice-oriented results Psychoacoustics, Physiological Acoustics, Neurology, computational fluid dynamics and –of course- Physical Modeling, Finite Mathematics and several acoustical sub-disciplines have to be incorporated. Only the rapid increasing computing power in the late nineties brought the scientific breakthrough. The lecture gives an overview on the international state of the art and illustrates newest results of the research community with sound examples, small movies and the presentation of “hearing phenomena and auditory illusions”..

Zadar, Croatia
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