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  ID: 12148  Literatur Type: article

Gazengel, B.; Gilbert, J., and Amir, N. (1995)
"Time Domain Simulation of Single Reed Wind Instrument. From the Measured Input Impedance to the Synthesis Signal. Where are the Traps?,"
acta acustica 3(5), 445-472.
  ID: 9224  Literatur Type: article

Caracciolo, A. and Valette, C. (1993)
"Stiffness Anomalies in a Harpsichord Soundboard and the Wolf Note,"
acta acustica 1(3-4), 115-117.
  ID: 10264  Literatur Type: article

Bodden, Markus (1993)
"Modeling human sound source localization and the cocktail-party-effect,"
acta acustica 1(1-2), 43-55.

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