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Gazengel, Bruno; Dalmont, Jean-Pierre, and Petiot, Jean-François (2016)
"Link between objective and subjective characterizations of Bb clarinet reeds,"
Applied Acoustics 106, 155-166.
  ID: 22376  Literatur Type: article

Quaegebeur, Nicolas; Chaigne, Antoine, and Lemarquand, Gerard (2010)
"Transient modal radiation of axisymmetric sources: application to loudspeakers,"
Applied Acoustics 71(4), 335-350.
  ID: 22377  Literatur Type: article

Arcas, Kevin and Chaigne, Antoine (2010)
"On the quality of plate reverberation,"
Applied Acoustics 71(2), 147-156.
  ID: 17894  Literatur Type: article

Cox, Trevor J. (2008)
"Scraping Sounds and Disgusting Noises,"
Applied Acoustics 69(12), 1195–1204.
  ID: 18614  Literatur Type: article

Cox, Trevor J. (2008)
"The effect of visual stimuli on the horribleness of awful sounds,"
Applied Acoustics 69(8), 691-703.
  ID: 22296  Literatur Type: article

Atig, Mérouane; Dalmont, Jean-Pierre, and Gilbert, Joël (2004)
"Saturation mechanism in clarinet-like instruments, the effect of the localised non-linear losses,"
Applied Acoustics 65(12), 1133-1154.
  ID: 15469  Literatur Type: article

Penttinen, Henri and Välimäki, Vesa (2004)
"A time-domain approach to estimating the plucking point of guitar tones obtained with an under-saddle pickup,"
Applied Acoustics 65, 1207-1220.
  ID: 15016  Literatur Type: article

Fritz, Claudia; Farner, Snorre, and Kergomard, Jean (2004)
"Some aspects of the harmonic balance method applied to the clarinet,"
Applied Acoustics 65, 1155-1180.
  ID: 17525  Literatur Type: article

Bork, Ingolf (1995)
"Practical Tuning of Xylophone Bars and Resonators,"
Applied Acoustics 46(1), 103-127.
  ID: 15074  Literatur Type: article

Dalmont, J. P.; Gazengel, B.; Gilbert, J., and Kergomard, J. (1995)
"Some aspects on tuning and clean intonation in reed instruments,"
Applied Acoustics 46, 19-60.
  ID: 9125  Literatur Type: article

Amir, N.; Rosenhouse, G., and Shimony, U. (1993)
"Input Impedance of Musical Horns and the "Horn Function","
Applied Acoustics 38(1), 15-35.
  ID: 24625  Literatur Type: article

Paté, Arthur; Le Carrou, Jean-Loïc, and Fabre, Benoît.
"Modal parameter variability in industrial electric guitar making: Manufacturing process, wood variability, and lutherie decisions,"
Applied Acoustics 96, 118-131.

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