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Stradner, Gerhard and Tarr, Edward H. (2016)
"Old Trumpet Flourishes from Austria,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 36(1 (Special Supplement)), 1-9.
  ID: 16374  Literatur Type: article

Vereecke, Hannes and Kausel, Wilfried (2012)
"Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer, an Alternative to Brass?,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) October 2012, 41-43.
  ID: 19998  Literatur Type: article

Vereecke, Hannes and Kausel, Wilfried (2012)
"Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer: An Alternative To Brass?,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal), 41-43.
  ID: 14981  Literatur Type: article

Moore, Thomas R. (2005)
"Some final thoughts on bell vibrations,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 29(4), 77+79.
  ID: 13510  Literatur Type: article

Moore, Thomas (2002)
"What is Impedance and why do we care?,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 27(1), 70 - 71.
  ID: 13074  Literatur Type: article

Moore, Thomas R. (2002)
"Does Your Body Size Affect the Pitch of Your Trumpet?,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 26(3), 51 - 52.
  ID: 14491  Literatur Type: article

Mooer, Thomas (2002)
"Does Your Body Size Affect the Pitch of Your Trumpet?,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 26(3), 51-52.
  ID: 13073  Literatur Type: article

Koehler, Elisa (2002)
"A Beginner`s Guide to the Baroque Natural Trumpet,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 26(3), 16 - 24.
  ID: 12615  Literatur Type: article

Moore, Thomas (2001)
"The Effect of Temperature on Pitch,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 25(3), 62.
  ID: 12573  Literatur Type: article

Schwadron, Terry H. (2001)
"For the Musical Alchemist a New Tack: Cryogenics,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 25(2), 23-25.
  ID: 12197  Literatur Type: article

Pursell, John O. (2000)
"Pumping Brass: The Application af Athletic Weight Training Principles to Trumpet Embouchure Development,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 24(3), 55-61.
  ID: 12017  Literatur Type: article

Smith, Richard (1999)
"Exciting Your Instrument,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 23(4), 44-45.
  ID: 11882  Literatur Type: article

Babenel, Davies (1998)
"Science Proves Musical Myths Wrong,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 22(4), 42705.
  ID: 11883  Literatur Type: article

Campos, Frank (1998)
"The Myth of Support,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 22(4), 44.
  ID: 11790  Literatur Type: article

Barbenel, Joe; Davis, John Booth, and Kenny, Patrick (1998)
"Science proves Musical Myths wrong. Do wind musicians know how to blow their own trumpets? The answer reveals the dangers of treating recieved wisdom as fact.,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 22(4), 12-15.
  ID: 11789  Literatur Type: article

Ash, Jeffrey; Asher, Gillian, and Moorehead Libs, Jean (1998)
"Wind Instrumetalits most frequently asked Dental Questions. Where the air meets the instrument is a very important place to wind players.,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 22(1), 31 - 37.
  ID: 14254  Literatur Type: article

Barbenel, Joe; Davies, John Booth, and Kenny, Patrick (1998)
"Science Proves Musical Myths Wrong (reprint),"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal)(4), 12-15.
  ID: 11143  Literatur Type: article

Smith, André M. (1997)
"Max Schlossberg: Founder of the American School of Trumpet Playing in the Twentieth Century,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 21(4), 22-48.
  ID: 10381  Literatur Type: article

Smith, André M. (1996)
"A Centennial Tribute to Harry (né Hersch) Glantz on His Birthday: The First of January (1896-1996),"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 20(3), 11414.
  ID: 10380  Literatur Type: article

Smith, André M. (1995)
"The Discovery of the X-Rays and the Origin of Mouthpiece Practice for Brass Instruments: A Centennial Review,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 20(2), 4-27.
  ID: 10378  Literatur Type: article

Lessen, Martin and Smith, André M. (1995)
"A New Compensating Valve System for Brass Instruments,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 19(4), 47-56.
  ID: 10376  Literatur Type: article

Smith, André M. (1995)
"The Life and Work of Vincent Bach (1890-1976): 1941-1976 (and Beyond),"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 19(3), 12540.
  ID: 10375  Literatur Type: article

Libs, Jean Moorehead (1994)
"The Perfect Match: Trumpet Meets Mouthpiece (an Interview With Phyllis Stork And Bob Malone),"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 19(2), 42-48.
  ID: 12626  Literatur Type: article

Smith, Richard A. (1988)
"It’s all in the bore,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 12(4), 43-45.
  ID: 8541  Literatur Type: article

Bouhuys, Arend (1983)
"Pressure-flow events during wind instrument playing,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal)(February), 43405.
  ID: 14359  Literatur Type: article

Smith, Richard A. (1978)
"Recent developments in trumpet design,"
International Trumpet Guild (ITG Journal) 3, 40026.

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