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  ID: 16536  Literatur Type: article

Beauchamp, James W. (2012)
"Trombone Transfer Functions: Comparison Between Frequency-Swept Sine Wave and Human Performer Input,"
Archives of Acoustics 37(4), 447-454.
  ID: 16200  Literatur Type: article

Lohri, Angela; Carral, Sandra, and Chatziioannou, Vasileios (2011)
"Combination tones in Violins,"
Archives of Acoustics 36(4), 727-740.
  ID: 15824  Literatur Type: article

Carral, Sandra; Vergez, Christophe, and Nederveen, Cornelis J. (2011)
"Toward a single reed mouthpiece for the oboe,"
Archives of Acoustics 36(2), 267-282.
  ID: 8263  Literatur Type: article

Müller, Ulrich (1980)
"Influence of ribs on the acoustic behaviour of piano resonant plates,"
Archives of Acoustics 5(2), 147-155.
  ID: 8793  Literatur Type: article

Letowski, Tomasz and Smurzynski, Jacek (1980)
"Time error in perception of sound brightness,"
Archives of Acoustics 5(2), 143-146.
  ID: 8356  Literatur Type: article

Huszty, Dénes (1980)
"Long-time spectra of radio broadcast programme signals,"
Archives of Acoustics 5(2), 125-141.

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