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  ID: 13591  Literatur Type: article

Melton, William (2003)
"Greetings from Heaven, or Demonic Noise? A History of the Wagner Tuba. Part 6: Wagner´s Heirs,"
Horn Call 33(Nr. 3/ May 03), 49 - 62.
  ID: 12767  Literatur Type: article

Garcin-Marou, Michel (2002)
"The Ascending Valve System in France: A Technical and Historical Approach,"
Horn Call XXXII, Febr(No. 2), 39-44.
  ID: 12647  Literatur Type: article

Le Loir, Edmond (2001)
"A Visit to Pesaro,"
Horn Call XXXI, May(No. 3), 57-58.
  ID: 12676  Literatur Type: article

Melton, William (2001)
"Greetings from Heaven, or Demonic Noise? A History of the Wagner Tuba,"
Horn Call XXXI, May(No. 3).
  ID: 12311  Literatur Type: article

Leuba, Christopher (2000)
"Inserts in the Horn,"
Horn Call XXX(4), 71-72.
  ID: 12310  Literatur Type: article

Kirby, Percival R. (2000)
"Horn Chords: An Acoustical Problem,"
Horn Call XXX(4), 65-67.
  ID: 12307  Literatur Type: article

Barboteu, Georges (2000)
"The Evolution of te Horn in France and its School,"
Horn Call XXX(4), 33-38.
  ID: 12187  Literatur Type: article

Lawson, Walter (2000)
"Instrument-to-Player Coupling,"
Horn Call 30(36557), 67-71.
  ID: 12186  Literatur Type: article

Meng, Paul (2000)
"The Horn’s Heritage in China,"
Horn Call 30(36557), 53-58.
  ID: 12185  Literatur Type: article

Hilliard, Howard (2000)
"Horn Playing in Los Angeles from 1920 to 1970,"
Horn Call 30(36557), 33-45.
  ID: 12481  Literatur Type: article

Rosenthal, Philip (2000)
"Inderal for Performance Anxiety,"
Horn Call 30(3), 67-73.
  ID: 12480  Literatur Type: article

Chenoweth, Richard (2000)
"The Horn in the Opera: A Perspective from the Pit,"
Horn Call 30(3), 63-55.
  ID: 12479  Literatur Type: article

Cooper, Christopher (2000)
"My Audition with the Canadian Brass,"
Horn Call 30(3), 51.
  ID: 12477  Literatur Type: article

Dolson, Donna (2000)
"Orchestra Auditions in Japan,"
Horn Call 30(3), 47.
  ID: 12476  Literatur Type: article

Hill, Douglas (2000)
"Preparing for College (and a Career in Music),"
Horn Call 30(3), 43-46.
  ID: 12475  Literatur Type: article

Cerminario, John (2000)
"The Audition System in America,"
Horn Call 30(3), 35-37.
  ID: 12478  Literatur Type: article

Justiniano, Emily (2000)
"Auditioning for Air Force Bands,"
Horn Call 30(3).
  ID: 12309  Literatur Type: article

Saxton, S. Earl (2000)
"Singing on the Horn,"
Horn Call, 59-63.
  ID: 12308  Literatur Type: article

Ernst, Paul (2000)
"Hunting Music in Austria,"
Horn Call, 53-56.
  ID: 12016  Literatur Type: article

Rosenthal, Philip (1999)
"Back Pain Facts and Fallacies: A Response to William Scharnberg,"
Horn Call 30(1), 81-82.
  ID: 12015  Literatur Type: article

Meng Paul (1999)
"The Horn´s Heritage in China,"
Horn Call 30(1), 33-38.
  ID: 12014  Literatur Type: article

Kaza, Roger (1999)
"The Triple Horn Revisited: F / B-flat / E-flat ?,"
Horn Call 29(4), 81-82.
  ID: 11810  Literatur Type: article

Kaza, Roger (1999)
"The Triple Horn Revisited: F / B-flat / E-flat?,"
Horn Call 29(4), 81-82.
  ID: 12013  Literatur Type: article

Nesmith, David (1999)
"What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body,"
Horn Call 29(4), 71-74.
  ID: 11809  Literatur Type: article

Nesmith, David (1999)
"What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body,"
Horn Call 29(4), 71-74.
  ID: 11808  Literatur Type: article

Steven Frucht, M. D. (1999)
"Embouchure Dystonia an under-recognized cause of performance impairment in brass players,"
Horn Call 29(4), 67-68.
  ID: 12012  Literatur Type: article

Frucht, Steven (1999)
"Embouchure Dystonia - an under-recognized cause of performance impairment in brass players,"
Horn Call 29(4), 67-69.
  ID: 11807  Literatur Type: article

Carlyle, Manous (1999)
"Mouthpiece Pressure. How Much? What Effects?,"
Horn Call 29(4), 53-60.
  ID: 12011  Literatur Type: article

Manous, Carlyle (1999)
"Mouthpiece Pressure - How Much? What Effects?,"
Horn Call 29(4), 53-60.
  ID: 12010  Literatur Type: article

Joukamo-ampuja, Erja and Wekre, Froydis Ree (1999)
"Teaching Intonation: Thoughts for Horn Players,"
Horn Call 29(4), 47-50.
  ID: 11806  Literatur Type: article

Joukamo-Ampuja, Erja and Froydis, Ree Wekre (1999)
"Teaching Intionation: Thoughts for Horn Players,"
Horn Call 29(4), 47-49.
  ID: 12009  Literatur Type: article

Gabler, Friedrich J. (1999)
"Viennese Waltzes - A Comparison of Interpretations of Waltz Accompaniments,"
Horn Call 29(2), 65-69.
  ID: 12008  Literatur Type: article

David, Dean (1998)
"Improving Left Hand Finger Dexterity: A Response,"
Horn Call 29(1), 79-82.
  ID: 12007  Literatur Type: article

Lawson, Bruce (1998)
"A Primer on Acoustics and Horn Design,"
Horn Call 29(1), 59-63.
  ID: 11761  Literatur Type: article

Ericson, John Q. (1998)
"The Double Horn and Ist Invention in 1897,"
Horn Call 28(2), 31-33.
  ID: 11788  Literatur Type: article

Horowitz, Marc David (1998)
"Horn Citations in recent Medical and Scientific Literature. As horn professionals/amateurs and enthusiasts, we are constantly exposed to a great ...,"
Horn Call 27(3), 59 - 61.
  ID: 10396  Literatur Type: article

Anspaugh, Erin (1997)
"Horn Manufacturers, Models, and Distributors,"
Horn Call 27(2), 27-52.
  ID: 11124  Literatur Type: article

Schlesinger, Kathleen (1997)
"Horn: Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition (1910-11),"
Horn Call(9), 44378.
  ID: 11125  Literatur Type: article

Ericson, John Q. (1997)
"Joseph Rudolphe Lewy and Valved Horn Technique in Germany, 1837-1851,"
Horn Call(9), 23-35.
  ID: 10313  Literatur Type: article

Schaughency, Steve (1996)
"Learning Jazz Styles through the Recordings of Julius Watkins,"
Horn Call 27(1), 69-72.
  ID: 10312  Literatur Type: article

Seraphinoff, Richard (1996)
"Nodal Venting on the Baroque Horn: A Study in Non-Historical Performance Practice,"
Horn Call 27(1), 21-24.
  ID: 10311  Literatur Type: article

Whipple, Jim (1996)
"Reading Strange Parts in Strange Clefs,"
Horn Call 26(3), 63-64.
  ID: 10310  Literatur Type: article

Faust, Randall E. (1996)
"Marwin C. Howe (1918-1994), Singer of Smooth Melodies,"
Horn Call 26(3), 27-36.
  ID: 10309  Literatur Type: article

Sprung, David R. (1996)
"Hidden Stopped Notes in 19th-Century French Opera,"
Horn Call 26(3), 17-25.
  ID: 10314  Literatur Type: article

Ericson, John Q. (1996)
"Beethoven's Symphony No.9, Schubert's Nachtgesang im Walde and Auf dem Strom, and the Horn Technique of the Lewy Brothers in the 1820s,"
Horn Call(8), 41395.
  ID: 10316  Literatur Type: article

Lewis, Gail (1996)
"The Heart of the Matter: An Introduction to One of Benjamin Britten's Little Known Works for the Horn,"
Horn Call(8), 29-39.
  ID: 10315  Literatur Type: article

Hiebert, Thomas (1996)
"Old and New Roles for the Horn in J.F.Fasch's Hunt Concerto,"
Horn Call(8), 15-27.
  ID: 10307  Literatur Type: article

Thévet, Lucien (1995)
"Evolution of the Horn and Its Future Perspective,"
Horn Call 26(1), 41-44.
  ID: 10308  Literatur Type: article

Hill, Douglas (1995)
"Jazz and Horn and More,"
Horn Call 26(1), 17-21.
  ID: 10306  Literatur Type: article

Zarzo, Vincente (1995)
"Historic Horns from the Collection of Vincente Zarzo,"
Horn Call 25(2), 29-39.
  ID: 10370  Literatur Type: article

Rife, Jean (1994)
"Natural Horn: A Self-Guided Study for Beginners,"
Horn Call 25(1), 53-56.
  ID: 10369  Literatur Type: article

Orval, Francis (1994)
"A Guide to Testing Horns,"
Horn Call 24(3), 37-38.
  ID: 10366  Literatur Type: article

Saxton, S. Earl (1994)
"Can Your Smile Be a Clue to a Good Embouchure,"
Horn Call 24(2), 61-65.
  ID: 10367  Literatur Type: article

Littleton, Joe (1994)
"The Seven Year Quest: An Alphorn Saga,"
Horn Call 24(2), 19-23.
  ID: 10368  Literatur Type: article

Snedeker, Jeffrey L. (1994)
"The Early Valved Horn and Its Proponents in Paris 1862-1840,"
Horn Call(6), 42887.
  ID: 10365  Literatur Type: article

Ashworth, Robert (1993)
"Further Thoughts and Theories on Hand-Stopping,"
Horn Call 24(1), 35-37.
  ID: 10364  Literatur Type: article

Swartman, Thomas (1993)
"Horn Transposition in the Works of Mozart: High or Low?,"
Horn Call 24(1), 17-20.
  ID: 10363  Literatur Type: article

Bourgue, Daniel (1993)
"Horn Orchestral Excerpt Clinic. Olivier Messiaen: Des Canyons aux Étoiles (Engl./Franz.),"
Horn Call 23(2), 35-38.
  ID: 10362  Literatur Type: article

Belfrage, Bengt (1993)
"Damage Due to Overstrain in Brass-Players,"
Horn Call 23(2), 21-24.
  ID: 12439  Literatur Type: article

Young, Frederick J. (1993)
"The Optimal Design and Fair Comparison of Valve Systems for Horns.,"
Horn Call 5, 42186.
  ID: 10361  Literatur Type: article

Kaslow, David (1992)
"A Renewed Approach to Hornplaying,"
Horn Call 23(1), 45-51.
  ID: 10360  Literatur Type: article

Scharnberg, William (1992)
"A Wagner Tuba Primer,"
Horn Call 23(1), 38-40.
  ID: 10359  Literatur Type: article

Schweinester, Hansjörg (1992)
"First Austrian Horn Symposium,"
Horn Call 22(2), 35-36.
  ID: 12664  Literatur Type: article

Ericson, John Q. (1992)
"The Valve Horn and Its Performing Techiques in the Nineteenth Century: An Overview,"
Horn Call(4), 11720.
  ID: 12666  Literatur Type: article

Bostley, Edward J. (1992)
"The Function of the Horn in the Middle Works of Gustav Mahler,"
Horn Call(4), 44-68.
  ID: 12665  Literatur Type: article

Van Boer, Bertil (1992)
"The Four-Horn Question: Observations on an Eighteenth-Century Horn Performance Practice,"
Horn Call(4), 33-43.
  ID: 10358  Literatur Type: article

Schwarzl, Siegfried (1991)
"A Report On the Second Austrian Horn Day,"
Horn Call 21(2), 37.
  ID: 10372  Literatur Type: article

Walshe, Robert C. (1986)
"Der Übergang vom Naturhorn zum Ventilhorn in Deutschland,"
Horn Call 17(1), 22-25.
  ID: 7581  Literatur Type: article

Merewether, Richard (1986)
"A little on horn design,"
Horn Call 16(2), 43-49.
  ID: 7763  Literatur Type: article

Seyfried, Erhard (1985)
"Betr.: Richard Merewether, Das Wiener Horn -- und einige Gedanken über seine letzten 50 Jahre,"
Horn Call(1), 31-33.
  ID: 10371  Literatur Type: article

Merewether, Richard (1984)
"Das Wiener Horn -- Und einige Gedanken über seine letzten 50 Jahre,"
Horn Call 15(1), 29-34.
  ID: 8204  Literatur Type: article

Mansur, Paul (1984)
"Gedanken und Beobachtungen zu Wien und dem Wiener Horn,"
Horn Call 14(2), 31-33.
  ID: 9999  Literatur Type: article

Wogram, Klaus (1983)
"The Acoustical Properties of Brass Instruments,"
Horn Call 8(2), 19-31.
  ID: 10001  Literatur Type: article

Lawson, Walter (1980)
"The effects of screw bell alloy on the acoustic input/output characteristics of a french horn,"
Horn Call, 53-56.
  ID: 7677  Literatur Type: article

Agrell, Jeffrey (1979)
"An indexed bibliography of periodical articles on the horn: Additions and corrections,"
Horn Call 9(2), 58-64.
  ID: 22077  Literatur Type: article

Agrell, Jeffrey (1979)
"A Tentative Bibliography od Masters' Theses and Doctoral Dissertations,"
Horn Call 9(2), 44-47.
  ID: 7590  Literatur Type: article

Beach, Robert F. (1978)
"A search for better intonation,"
Horn Call 8(2), 28-37.
  ID: 7676  Literatur Type: article

Agrell, Jeffrey (1977)
"An indexed bibliography of periodical articles on the horn (Part III),"
Horn Call 7(2), 49-55.
  ID: 8725  Literatur Type: article

Earnest, Christopher (1977)
"The Horn: Stopped, Muted, and Open,"
Horn Call 7(2), 34-46.
  ID: 8242  Literatur Type: article

Kirby, Percival R. (1977)
"Horn chords: An acoustical problem,"
Horn Call 7(1), 40-42.
  ID: 7675  Literatur Type: article

Agrell, Jeffrey (1976)
"An indexed bibliography of periodical articles on the horn (Part II),"
Horn Call 7(1), 45-51.
  ID: 9037  Literatur Type: article

Merewether, Richard (1976)
"Bad Notes in Horns,"
Horn Call 7(1), 26-27.
  ID: 7674  Literatur Type: article

Agrell, Jeffrey (1976)
"An indexed bibliography of periodical articles on the horn (Part I),"
Horn Call 6(2), 51-54.
  ID: 8634  Literatur Type: article

Roberts, B. Lee (1976)
"Some comments on the physics of the horn and right-hand technique,"
Horn Call 6(2), 41-45.
  ID: 8269  Literatur Type: article

Leuba, Christopher (1975)
"Inserts in the horn,"
Horn Call 6(1), 12-14.
  ID: 9034  Literatur Type: article

Merewether, Richard (1975)
"Behaviour of the horn - The question of hand stopping,"
Horn Call 5(2), 45-59.
  ID: 8698  Literatur Type: article

Henderson, Malcolm C. (1972)
"The 1971 horn tests at Pomona: Further results,"
Horn Call 3(1), 59-61.

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