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  ID: 21071  Literatur Type: article

Ruiz, M. H.; Senghaas, P.; Grossbach, M.; Jabusch, Hans-Christian; Bangert, M.; Hummel, F.; Gerloff, C., and Altenmüller, Eckart (2009)
"Defective inhibition and inter-regional phase synchronization in pianists with musician's dystonia: an EEG study.,"
Human Brain Mapping 30(8), 2689-2700.
  ID: 19269  Literatur Type: article

Koelsch, Stefan; Schulze, Kathrin; Sammler, Daniela; Fritz, Thomas; Müller, Karsten, and Gruber, Oliver (2009)
"Functional Architecture of Verbal and Tonal Working Memory: An fMRI Study,"
Human Brain Mapping 30(3), 859–873.

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