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Edmonds, Barrie A.; James, Rachel E.; Utev, Alexander; Vestergaard, Martin D.; Patterson, Roy D., and Krumbholz, Katrin (2010)
"Evidence for early specialized processing of speech formant information in anterior and posterior human auditory cortex,"
European Journal of Neuroscience 32(4), 684-692.
  ID: 21035  Literatur Type: article

D'Ausilio, A.; Altenmüller, Eckart; Belardinelli, M. Olivetti, and Lotze, M. (2006)
"Cross-modal plasticity of the motor cortex while listening to a rehearsed musical piece,"
European Journal of Neuroscience 24, 955-958.
  ID: 21065  Literatur Type: article

Ragert, Patrick; Schmidt, A.; Altenmüller, Eckart, and Dinse, Hubert R. (2004)
"Superior tactile performance and learning in professional pianists: evidence for meta-plasticity in musicians.,"
European Journal of Neuroscience 19(2), 473—478.

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