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  ID: 21072  Literatur Type: article

Ruiz, M. H.; Strübing, F.; Jabusch, Hans-Christian, and Altenmüller, Eckart (2011)
"EEG oscillatory patterns are associated with error prediction during music performance and are altered in musician's dystonia.,"
NeuroImage 55(4), 1791—1803.
  ID: 18839  Literatur Type: article

Schmidt-Kassow, Maren; Rothermich, Kathrin; Schwartze, Michael, and Kotz, Sonja A. (2011)
"Did you get the beat? Late proficient French-German learners extract strong–weak patterns in tonal but not in linguistic sequences,"
NeuroImage 54(11), 568–576.
  ID: 18838  Literatur Type: article

Shahin, Antoine J.; Roberts, Larry E.; Chau, Wilkin; Trainor, Laurel J., and Miller, Lee M. (2008)
"Music training leads to the development of timbre-specific gamma band activity,"
NeuroImage 41(1), 113–122.
  ID: 23350  Literatur Type: article

Lütkenhöner, Bernd; Seither-Preisler, Annemarie, and Seither, Stefan (2005)
"Piano tones evoke stronger magnetic fields than pure tones or noise, both in musicians and non-musicians,"
NeuroImage 30(3), 927-937.
  ID: 18790  Literatur Type: article

Ritter, Steffen; Dosch, Hans Günter; Specht, Hans-Joachim, and Rupp, Andre (2005)
"Neuromagnetic responses reflect the temporal pitch change of regular interval sounds,"
NeuroImage 27(3), 533-543.
  ID: 18903  Literatur Type: article

Menon, Vinod; Levitin, Daniel J.; Smith, B. K.; Lembke, A.; Krasnow, B. D.; Glazer, D.; Glover, G. H., and McAdams, Stephen (2002)
"Neural Correlates of Timbre Change in Harmonic Sounds,"
NeuroImage 17(4), 1742–1754.
  ID: 18802  Literatur Type: article

Koelsch, Stefan; Gunter, Thomas C.; v. Cramon, D. Yves; Zysset, Stefan; Lohmann, Gabriele, and Friederici, Angela D. (2002)
"Bach Speaks: A Cortical “Language-Network” Serves the Processing of Music,"
NeuroImage 17(2), 956-966.
  ID: 18706  Literatur Type: article

Rademacher, Johannes; Morosan, P.; Schormann, T.; Schleicher, A.; Werner, C.; Freund, H. -J., and Zilles, K. (2001)
"Probabilistic Mapping and Volume Measurement of Human Primary Auditory Cortex,"
NeuroImage 13(4), 669-683.

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