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Radvansky, Gabriel A.; Hartmann, William M., and Rakerd, Brad (1992)
"Structural alterations of an ambiguous musical figure: The scale illusion revisited,"
Perception & Psychophysics 52(3), 256-262.
  ID: 18772  Literatur Type: article

Trehub, Sandra E. (1987)
"Infants’ perception of musical patterns,"
Perception & Psychophysics 41(6), 635-641.
  ID: 19707  Literatur Type: article

Davidson, Barbara; Power, Roderick P., and Michie, Patricia T. (1987)
"The effects of familiarity and previous training on perception of an ambiguous musical figure,"
Perception & Psychophysics 41(6), 601-608.
  ID: 18695  Literatur Type: article

Halpern, Lynn D.; Blake, Randolph, and Hillenbrand, James (1986)
"Psychoacoustics of a chilling sound,"
Perception & Psychophysics 39(2), 77-80.
  ID: 19991  Literatur Type: article

Vos, Joos and Rasch, Rudolf (1981)
"The perceptual onset of musical tones,"
Perception & Psychophysics 29(4), 323-335.
  ID: 19327  Literatur Type: article

Dowling, W. J. (1978)
"Dichotic recognition of musical canons: Effects of leading ear and time lag between ears,"
Perception & Psychophysics 23(4), 321-325.
  ID: 19188  Literatur Type: article

Cutting, James E. and Rosner, Burton S. (1974)
"Categories and boundaries in speech and music,"
Perception & Psychophysics 16(3), 564-570.

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