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Lee, A. and Altenmüller, Eckart (2012)
"Primary task-specific bowing tremor: an entity of its own?,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 27(4), 224—226.
  ID: 17827  Literatur Type: article

Dawson, William J. (2012)
"Bassoonists' Medical Problems—Current State of Knowledge,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 27(2), 107-112.
  ID: 17828  Literatur Type: article

Kusserow, Martin; Candia, Victor; Amft, Oliver; Hildebrandt, Horst; Folkers, Gerd, and Tröster, Gerhard (2012)
"Monitoring Stage Fright Outside the Laboratory: An Example in Professional Musician Using Wearable Sensors,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 27(1), 21-30.
  ID: 17830  Literatur Type: article

Ranelli, Sonia; Straker, Leon, and Smith, Anne (2011)
"Playing-related musculoskeletal problems in children learning instrumental music: the association between problem location and gender, age, and music exposure factors,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 26(3), 123-139.
  ID: 21021  Literatur Type: article

Altenmüller, Eckart and Jabusch, Hans-Christian (2010)
"Focal Dystonia in Musicians: Phenomenology, Pathophysiology, Triggering Factors, and Treatment.,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 25(1), 3-9.
  ID: 17831  Literatur Type: article

Yagisan, Nihan; Karabork, Hakan; Goktepe, Ayhan, and Karalezli, Nazim (2009)
"Evaluation of Three-Dimensional Motion Analysis of the Upper Right Limb Movements in the Bowing Arm of Violinists Through a Digital Photogrammetric Method,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 24(4), 181-184.
  ID: 17833  Literatur Type: article

Santucci, Michael (2009)
"Protecting musicians from hearing damage: a review of evidence-based research,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 24(3), 103-107.
  ID: 17835  Literatur Type: article

Abréu-Ramos, Antonio M. and Micheo, William F. (2007)
"Lifetime prevalence of upper-body musculoskeletal problems in a professional-level symphony orchestra,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 22(3), 97--104.
  ID: 17836  Literatur Type: article

Rabuffetti, Marco; Converti, Rosa Maria; Boccardi, Silvano, and Ferrarin, Maurizio (2007)
"Tuning of the violin-performer interface: an experimental study about the effects of shoulder rest variations on playing kinematics,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 22(2), 58-66.
  ID: 17838  Literatur Type: article

Ferrario, Virgilio F.; Macrì, Chiara; Biffi, Emilia; Pollice, Paolo, and Sforza, Chiarella (2007)
"Three-dimensional analysis of hand and finger movements during piano playing,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 22(1), 18-23.
  ID: 17822  Literatur Type: article

Shan, Gongbing; Visentin, Peter, and Schultz, A. (2004)
"Multidimensional signal analysis as a means of better understanding factors associated with repetitive use in violin performance,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 19(3), 129-139.
  ID: 17820  Literatur Type: article

Schuele, Stephan U. and Lederman, Richard J. (2004)
"Occupational disorders in instrumental musicians,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 19(3), 123-128.
  ID: 21052  Literatur Type: article

Jabusch, Hans-Christian and Altenmüller, Eckart (2004)
"Anxiety as an Aggravating Factor During Onset of Focal Dystonia in Musicians,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 19(2), 75-81.
  ID: 21059  Literatur Type: article

Lim, V. K. and Altenmüller, Eckart (2003)
"Musicians' cramp: instrumental and gender differences,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 18(1), 21-26.
  ID: 17842  Literatur Type: article

Schuele, Stephan and Lederman, Richard J. (2003)
"Focal dystonia in woodwind instrumentalists: long-term outcome,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 18(1), 15-20.
  ID: 17841  Literatur Type: article

Shan, Gongbing and Visentin, Peter (2003)
"A quantitative three-dimensional analysis of arm kinematics in violin performance,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 18(1), 3-10.
  ID: 17844  Literatur Type: article

Devroop, Karendra and Chesky, Kris (2002)
"Comparison of biomechanical forces generated during trumpet performance in contrasting settings,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 17(4), 149-154.
  ID: 17819  Literatur Type: article

Lederman, Richard J. (2001)
"Embouchure problems in brass instrumentalists,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 16(2), 53-57.
  ID: 21030  Literatur Type: article

Altenmüller, Eckart; Bangert, Marc W.; Liebert, Grundhild, and Grahn, Wilfried (2000)
"Mozart in Us: How the Brain Processes Music,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 15, 99—106.
  ID: 17846  Literatur Type: article

Sirr, Steven A. and Waddle, John R. (1999)
"X-ray computed tomography of bowed stringed instruments,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 14(1), 8-15.
  ID: 17847  Literatur Type: article

Kenyon, Gary P. and Thaut, Michael H. (1998)
"Analysis of Index Finger Trajectory in Banjo Fingerpicking: Proposed Correlates to Movement Disorder,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 13(4), 127-135.
  ID: 17849  Literatur Type: article

Okner, Marla A. O.; Kernozek, Thomas, and Wade, Michael G. (1997)
"Chin rest pressure in violin players: musical repertoire, chin rests, and shoulder pads as possible mediators,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 12(4), 112-121.
  ID: 17852  Literatur Type: article

Tulchinsky, Ellen and Riolo, Lisa (1994)
"A biomechanical motion analysis of the violinist's bow arm,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 9(4), 119-124.
  ID: 17854  Literatur Type: article

Heuser, Frank and McNitt-Gray, Jill L. (1993)
"EMG patterns in embouchure muscles of trumpet player with asymmetrical mouthpiece placement,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 8(3), 96-102.
  ID: 17856  Literatur Type: article

Levy, Charles E.; Lee, Wynne A.; Brandfonbre, Alice G.; Press, Joel, and Levy, Alexis Engel (1992)
"Electromyographic analysis of muscular activity in the upper extremity generated by supporting a violin with and without a shoulder rest,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 7(4), 103-109.
  ID: 17825  Literatur Type: article

Caldron, Paul H.; Calabrese, Leonard H., and Clough, John D. (1986)
"A Survey of Musculoskeletal Problems Encountered in High-Level Musicians,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 1(4), 136-139.
  ID: 17824  Literatur Type: article

Hall, Tom (1986)
"A musician's view of music medicine,"
Medical Problems of Performing Artists 1(1), 2.

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