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  ID: 17807  Literatur Type: article

Chiandetti, Cinzia and Vallortigara, Giorgio (2011)
"Chicks Like Consonant Music,"
Psychological Science 22(10), 1270-1273.
  ID: 17719  Literatur Type: article

McDermott, Josh H.; Lehr, Adriana J., and Oxenham, Andrew J. (2008)
"Is Relative Pitch Specific to Pitch?,"
Psychological Science 19(12), 1263-1272.
  ID: 17630  Literatur Type: article

Greenwald, Anthony G.; Spangenberg, Eric R.; Pratkanis, Anthony R., and Eskenazi, Jay (1991)
"Double-Blind Tests of Subliminal Self-Help Audiotapes,"
Psychological Science 2(2), 119-122.

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