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Rose, J. E. (1970)
"Discharges of single fibers in the mammalian auditory nerve,"
in Proceedings of the international symposium on frequency analysis and periodicity in hearing, edited by Reinier Plomp and Guido F. Smoorenburg (Sijthoff, Leiden (NL)) p. 176-192.
  ID: 17510  Literatur Type: incollection

de Boer, Egbert (1970)
"Synchrony between acoustic stimuli and nerve-fibre discharges,"
in Frequency analysis and periodicity detection in hearing, edited by R. Plomp and Guido F. Smoorenburg (Sjithoff, Leiden) p. 204-216.
  ID: 18416  Literatur Type: proceedings

Reiner Plomp and Guido F. Smoorenburg (eds.) (1970)
Frequency Analysis and periodicity detection in hearing: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Frequency Analysis and periodicity Detection in Hearing ; held at Driebergen, The Netherlands, June 23 - 27, 1969
(Sijthoff, Leiden).

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