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  ID: 17959  Literatur Type: article

Anonymous (2000)
"Arousal and mood factors in the 'Mozart effect',"
Perceptual and Motor Skills 91(1), 188-190.
  ID: 17680  Literatur Type: article

Rauscher, Frances H. and Shaw, Gordon L. (1998)
"Key components of the mozart effect,"
Perceptual and Motor Skills 86(3), 835–841.
  ID: 18628  Literatur Type: article

Steele, Kenneth M.; Ball, Tamera N., and Runk, Rebecca (1997)
"Listening to Mozart does not enhance backwards digit span performance,"
Perceptual and Motor Skills 84(3c), 1179-1184.
  ID: 17465  Literatur Type: article

Chakalis, Evagelika and Lowe, Geoffrey (1992)
"Positive effects of subliminal stimulation of memory,"
Perceptual and Motor Skills 74(3), 956·958.
  ID: 17518  Literatur Type: article

Borgeat, François; Boissoneault, Josée, and Chaloult, Louis (1989)
"Psychophysiological responses to subliminal auditory suggestions for activation,"
Perceptual and Motor Skills 69, 947-953.
  ID: 17520  Literatur Type: article

Borgeat, François and Goulet, Jean (1983)
"Psychophysiological changes following auditory subliminal suggestions for activation and deactivation,"
Perceptual and Motor Skills 56, 759-766.

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