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  ID: 17299  Literatur Type: article

Bergeson, Tonya R. and Threrub, Sandra E. (2007)
"Signature tunes in mothers' speech to infants,"
Infant Behavior and Development 30, 648-654.
  ID: 18448  Literatur Type: article

Kawakami, Kiyobumi; Takai-Kawakami, Kiyoko; Kurihara, Hiroyuki; Shimizu, Yukiko, and Yanaihara, Takumi (1996)
"The effect of sounds on newborn infants under stress,"
Infant Behavior and Development 19(3), 375-379.
  ID: 18998  Literatur Type: article

Spence, Melanie J. and Freeman, Mark S. (1996)
"Newborn infants prefer the maternal low-pass filtered voice, but not the maternal whispered voice,"
Infant Behavior and Development 19(2), 199-212.
  ID: 18425  Literatur Type: article

DeCasper, Anthony J. and Sigafoos, Ann Dinsmoor (1983)
"The intrauterine heartbeat: A potent reinforcer for newborns,"
Infant Behavior and Development 6(1), 19-25.
  ID: 17597  Literatur Type: article

Salk, Lee (1978)
"Response to Douglas K. Detterman's "The Effect of Heartbeat Sound on Neonatal Crying","
Infant Behavior and Development 1, 49-50.
  ID: 18662  Literatur Type: article

Detterman, Douglas K. (1978)
"The Effect of Heartbeat Sound on Neonatal Crying,"
Infant Behavior and Development 1, 36-48.

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