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  ID: 17581  Literatur Type: article

Duffy, Patricia L. and Simner, Julia (2010)
"Synaesthesia in fiction,"
Cortex 46(2), 277-278.
  ID: 17867  Literatur Type: article

French, Christopher C.; Haque, Usman; Bunton-Stasyshyn, Rosie, and Davis, Rob (2009)
"The ‘‘Haunt’’ project: An attempt to build a "haunted" room by manipulating complex electromagnetic fields and infrasound,"
Cortex 45(5), 619-629.
  ID: 17921  Literatur Type: article

Corriveau, Kathleen H. and Goswami, Usha (2009)
"Rhythmic motor entrainment in children with speech and language impairments: Tapping to the beat,"
Cortex 45(1), 119-130.
  ID: 17933  Literatur Type: article

Trehub, Sandra E. and Hannon, Erin E. (2009)
"Conventional rhythms enhance infants’ and adults’ perception of musical patterns,"
Cortex 45(1), 110-118.
  ID: 17936  Literatur Type: article

Potter, Douglas D.; Fenwick, Maggi; Abecasis, Donna, and Brochard, Renaud (2009)
"Perceiving rhythm where none exists: Event-related potential (ERP) correlates of subjective accenting,"
Cortex 45(1), 103-109.
  ID: 17961  Literatur Type: article

Geiser, Eveline; Ziegler, Esther; Jancke, Lutz, and Meyer, Martin (2009)
"Early electrophysiological correlates of meter and rhythm processing in music perception,"
Cortex 45(1), 93-102.
  ID: 18629  Literatur Type: article

Vuust, Peter; Ostergaard, Leif; Pallesen, Karen Johanne; Bailey, Christopher, and Roepstorff, Andreas (2009)
"Predictive coding of music – Brain responses to rhythmic incongruity,"
Cortex 45(1), 80-92.
  ID: 17970  Literatur Type: article

Manon, Grube and Griffith, Timothy D. (2009)
"Metricality-enhanced temporal encoding and the subjective perception of rhythmic sequences,"
Cortex 45(1), 72-79.
  ID: 17866  Literatur Type: article

Grahn, Jessica A. and Brett, Matthew (2009)
"Impairment of beat-based rhythm discrimination in Parkinson’s disease,"
Cortex 45(1), 54-61.
  ID: 18624  Literatur Type: article

Thaut, Michael H.; Stephan, Klaus M.; Wunderlich, Gilbert; Schicks, Wilfried; Tellmann, Lutz; Herzog, Hans; McIntosh, Gerald; Seitz, Ruediger J., and Hömberg, Volker (2009)
"Distinct cortico-cerebellar activations in rhythmic auditory motor synchronization,"
Cortex 45(1), 44-53.
  ID: 17963  Literatur Type: article

Traintor, Laurel J.; Gao, Xiaoqing; Lei, Jing-Jiang; Lehtovaara, Karen, and Harris, Laurence R. (2009)
"The primal role of the vestibular system in determining musical rhythm,"
Cortex 45(1), 35-43.
  ID: 18994  Literatur Type: article

Moran, Colin N. and Kyriacou, Charalamos P. (2009)
"Functional neurogenomics of the courtship song of male Drosophila melanogaster,"
Cortex 45(1), 18–34.
  ID: 18600  Literatur Type: article

Merker, Björn H.; Madison, Guy S., and Eckerdal, Patricia (2009)
"On the role and origin of isochrony in human rhythmic entrainment,"
Cortex 45(1), 4-17.
  ID: 17951  Literatur Type: article

Simner, Julia; Mayo, Neil, and Spiller, Mary-Jane (2009)
"A foundation for savantism? Visuo-spatial synaesthetes present with cognitive benefits,"
Cortex 45, 1246-1260.
  ID: 17283  Literatur Type: article

Bengtssin, Sara L.; Ullén, Frederik; Ehrsson, H. Henrik; Hashimoto, Thoshihiro; Kito, Tomonori; Forssberg, Hans, and Sadato, Norihiro (2009)
"Listening to rhythms activates motor and premotor cortices,"
Cortex 45, 62-71.
  ID: 17770  Literatur Type: article

Kadosh, Roi Cohen; Brodsky, Warren; Levin, Michal, and Henik, Avishai (2008)
"Mental representation: What can pitch tell us about the distance effect?,"
Cortex 44(4), 470-477.
  ID: 17583  Literatur Type: article

Koelsch, Stefan (2006)
"Significance of Broca's Area and Ventral Premotor Cortex for Music-Syntactic Processing,"
Cortex 42(4), 518-520.
  ID: 18627  Literatur Type: article

Ward, Jamie; Huckstep, Brett, and TsaKanikos, Elias (2006)
"Sound-colour synaesthesia: to what extent does it use cross-modal mechanisms common to us all?,"
Cortex 42(2), 264-280.
  ID: 17633  Literatur Type: article

Jansari, Ashok S.; Spiller, Mary Jane, and Redfern, Steven (2006)
"Number synaesthesia: when hearing "four plus five" looks like gold,"
Cortex 42(2), 253-258.
  ID: 17944  Literatur Type: article

de Thornley Head, Phineas (2006)
"Synaesthesia: Pitch-Colour Isomorphism in RGB-Space?,"
Cortex 42(2), 164-174.
  ID: 17589  Literatur Type: article

Tzortzis, Catherine; Goldblum, Marie-Claire; Dang, Monique; Forette, Françoise, and Boller, François (2000)
"Absence of Amusia and Preserved Naming of Musical Instruments in an Aphasic Composer,"
Cortex 36(2), 227-242.
  ID: 23222  Literatur Type: article

Mozaz Garde, Maria and Cowey, Alan (2000)
"“Deaf Hearing”: Unacknowledged Detection of Auditory Stimuli in a Patient with Cerebral Deafness,"
Cortex 36(1), 71-80.
  ID: 17559  Literatur Type: article

Paquette, Claude and Peretz, Isabelle (1997)
"Role of familiarity in auditory discrimination of musical instrument: a laterality study,"
Cortex 33(4), 689-696.

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