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Christensen, Thomas and Rameau, Jean-Philippe (1987)
"Eighteenth-Century Science and the "Corps Sonore:" The Scientific Background to Rameau's "Principle of Harmony","
Journal of Music Theory 31(1), 23-50.
  ID: 18739  Literatur Type: article

Mathiesen, Thomas J. (1975)
"An annotated translation of Euclid's division of a monochord,"
Journal of Music Theory 19(2), 237-259.
  ID: 17274  Literatur Type: article

von Békésy, Georg (1970)
"Musical Dynamics by Variation of Apparent Size of Sound Source,"
Journal of Music Theory 14(2), 141-164.
  ID: 18444  Literatur Type: article

Gruber, Albion (1970)
"Mersenne and Evolving Tonal Theory,"
Journal of Music Theory 14(1), 36-67.
  ID: 18741  Literatur Type: article

Shackford, Charles (1962)
"Some Aspects of Perception III: Addenda,"
Journal of Music Theory 6(2), 295-303.
  ID: 18006  Literatur Type: article

Shackford, Charles (1962)
"Some Aspects of Perception. II: Interval Sizes and Tonal Dynamics in Performance,"
Journal of Music Theory 6(1), 66-90.
  ID: 19144  Literatur Type: article

Shackford, Charles (1961)
"Some Aspects of Perception. I: Sizes of Harmonic Intervals in Performance,"
Journal of Music Theory 5(2), 162-202.

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