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  ID: 18781  Literatur Type: article

Pantalony, David (2004)
"Seeing a Voice: Rudolph Koenig's Instruments for Studying Vowel Sounds,"
The American Journal of Psychology 117(3), 425-442.
  ID: 19143  Literatur Type: article

Hubbard, Timothy L. (1996)
"Synesthesia-like Mappings of Lightness, Pitch, and Melodic Interval,"
The American Journal of Psychology 109(2), 219-238.
  ID: 18955  Literatur Type: article

Cicogna, Piercarla; Cavallero, Corrado, and Bosinelli, Marino (1991)
"Cognitive Aspects of Mental Activity during Sleep,"
The American Journal of Psychology 104(3), 413-425.
  ID: 19161  Literatur Type: article

Treisman, Anne M. (1964)
"The efhci of irrelevant material on the efficiency of selective listening,"
The American Journal of Psychology 77(4), 533-546.
  ID: 19085  Literatur Type: article

Treisman, Anne M. (1964)
"Verbal Cues, Language, and Meaning in Selective Attention,"
The American Journal of Psychology 77(2), 206-219.
  ID: 18867  Literatur Type: article

Stoddard, George D. (1950)
"Carl Emil Seashore: 1866-1949,"
The American Journal of Psychology 63(3), 456-462.
  ID: 17271  Literatur Type: article

von Békésy, Georg (1949)
"The Moon Illusion and Similar Auditory Phenomena,"
The American Journal of Psychology 62(4), 540-552.
  ID: 18743  Literatur Type: article

Krohn, William O. (1892)
"Pseudo-Chromesthesia, or the Association of Colors with Words, Letters and Sounds,"
The American Journal of Psychology 5(1), 20-41.

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