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  ID: 17977  Literatur Type: article

Grossmann, Tobias; Oberdecker, Regine; Koch, Stefan Paul, and Friederici, Angela D. (2010)
"The Developmental Origins of Voice Processing in the Human Brain,"
Neuron 65(6), 852-858.
  ID: 17143  Literatur Type: article

Agus, Trevor R.; Thorpe, Simon J., and Pressnitzer, Daniel (2010)
"Rapid Formation of Robust Auditory Memories: Insights from Noise,"
Neuron 66, 610-618.
  ID: 19131  Literatur Type: article

Scholl, Ben; Gao, Xiang, and Wehr, Michael (2010)
"Nonoverlapping Sets of Synapses Drive On Responses and Off Responses in Auditory Cortex,"
Neuron 65(3), 412-421.
  ID: 17929  Literatur Type: article

Hubbard, Edward M. and Ramachandran, Vilayanur S. (2005)
"Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Synesthesia,"
Neuron 48(3), 509-520.
  ID: 18031  Literatur Type: article

Formissano, Elia; Kim, Dae-Shik; Di Salle, Francesco; van de Moortele, Pierre-Francois, and Ugurbil, Kamil (2003)
"Mirror-Symmetric Tonotopic Maps in Human Primary Auditory Cortex,"
Neuron 40(4), 859-869.
  ID: 18002  Literatur Type: article

Dierks, Thomas; Linden, David E. J.; Jandl, Martin; Formissano, Elia; Goebel, Rainer; Lanfermann, Heinrich, and Singer, Wolf (1999)
"Activation of Heschl’s Gyrus during Auditory Hallucinations,"
Neuron 22(3), 615-621.

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