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  ID: 24892  Literatur Type: article

Arai, Takayuki; Iwagami, Eri, and Yanagisawa, Emi (2017)
"Seeing closing gesture of articulators affects speech perception of geminate consonants,"
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA) 141(3), EL319-325.
  ID: 16548  Literatur Type: article

Arai, Takayuki (2008)
"Gel-type tongue for a physical model of the human vocal tract as an educational tool in acoustics of speech production,"
Acoustical Science and Technology 29(2), 188-190.
  ID: 16553  Literatur Type: article

Arai, Takayuki (2006)
"Sliding three-tube model as a simple educational tool for vowel production,"
Acoustical Science and Technology 27(6), 384-388.
  ID: 16555  Literatur Type: article

Maeda, Eri; Usuki, Nobuyuki; Arai, Takayuki; Saika, Noriko, and Murahara, Yuji (2004)
"Comparing the characteristics of the plate and cylinder type vocal tract models,"
Acoustical Science and Technology 25(1).
  ID: 16559  Literatur Type: inproceedings

Saika, Noriko; Maeda, Eri; Usuki, Nobuyuki; Arai, Takayuki, and Murahara, Yuji (2002)
"Developing Mechanical Models of a Human Vocal Tract for Education in Speech Science,"
in Forum Acusticum Sevilla 2002, edited by Antonio Calvo-Manzano and Antonio Pérez-López and Jose Salvador Santiago (Sociedad Española de Acústica (SEA), Madrid, ES) p. EDU-01-005.
  ID: 16554  Literatur Type: article

Arai, Takayuki (2001)
"The Replication of Chiba and Kajiyama`s Mechanical Models of the Human Vocal Cavity,"
Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan 5(2), 31-38.
  ID: 16556  Literatur Type: inproceedings

Arai, Takayuki; Usuki, Nobuyuki, and Murahara, Yuji (2001)
"Prototype of a Vocal-Tract Model for Vowel Production Designed for Education in Speech Science,"
in Proc. of the 7th European Conf. on Speech Communication and Technology (Aalborg) 4, p. 2791-2794.

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