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Altenmüller, Eckart and Schlaug, Gottfried (2013)
"Neurologic music therapy: The beneficial effects of music making on neurorehabilitation,"
Acoustical Science and Technology 34(1), 5-12.
  ID: 16548  Literatur Type: article

Arai, Takayuki (2008)
"Gel-type tongue for a physical model of the human vocal tract as an educational tool in acoustics of speech production,"
Acoustical Science and Technology 29(2), 188-190.
  ID: 18925  Literatur Type: article

Suzuki, Hideo (2007)
"Spectrum analysis and tone quality evaluation of piano sounds with hard and soft touches,"
Acoustical Science and Technology 28(1), 1-6.
  ID: 16553  Literatur Type: article

Arai, Takayuki (2006)
"Sliding three-tube model as a simple educational tool for vowel production,"
Acoustical Science and Technology 27(6), 384-388.
  ID: 22381  Literatur Type: article

Chaigne, Antoine; Touzé, Cyril, and Thomas, Olivier (2005)
"Nonlinear vibrations and chaos in gongs and cymbals,"
Acoustical Science and Technology 26(5), 403-409.
  ID: 17568  Literatur Type: article

Stevens, Catherine (2004)
"Cross-cultural studies of musical pitch and time,"
Acoustical Science and Technology 25(6), 433-438.
  ID: 16483  Literatur Type: article

Nishiguchi, Isoharu (2004)
"Recent research on the acoustics of pianos,"
Acoustical Science and Technology 25(6), 413-418.
  ID: 18218  Literatur Type: article

Adachi, Seiji (2004)
"Principles of sound production in wind instruments,"
Acoustical Science and Technology 25(6), 400-405.
  ID: 16555  Literatur Type: article

Maeda, Eri; Usuki, Nobuyuki; Arai, Takayuki; Saika, Noriko, and Murahara, Yuji (2004)
"Comparing the characteristics of the plate and cylinder type vocal tract models,"
Acoustical Science and Technology 25(1).
  ID: 17602  Literatur Type: article

Ozawa, Kenji; Ohtake, Satoshi; Suzuki, Yôiti, and Sone, Toshio (2003)
"Effects of visual information on auditory presence,"
Acoustical Science and Technology 24(2), 97-99.

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