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  ID: 16467  Literatur Type: article

Goebl, Werner and Palmer, Caroline (2013)
"Temporal control and hand movement efficiency in skilled music performance,"
PLOS ONE 8(1), e50901.
  ID: 18717  Literatur Type: article

Madison, Guy (2009)
"An Auditory Illusion of Infinite Tempo Change Based on Multiple Temporal Levels,"
PLOS ONE 4(12), e8151.
  ID: 17967  Literatur Type: article

Gill, Kamraan Z. and Purves, Dale (2009)
"A Biological Rationale for Musical Scales,"
PLOS ONE 4(12), e8144-e8152.
  ID: 17998  Literatur Type: article

Stoel, Berend C. and Borman, Terry M. (2008)
"A Comparison of Wood Density between Classical Cremonese and Modern Violins,"
PLOS ONE 3(7), e2554-e2560.

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