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  ID: 22319  Literatur Type: article

Atema, Jelle (2014)
"Musical origins and the stone age evolution of flutes,"
Acoustics Today 10(3), 26-34.
  ID: 18612  Literatur Type: article

Leventhall, Geoff (2013)
"Concerns about infrasound from wind turbines,"
Acoustics Today 9(3), 30-38.
  ID: 18648  Literatur Type: article

Deutsch, Diana (2010)
"The paradox of pitch circularity,"
Acoustics Today 6(3), 8-14.
  ID: 15283  Literatur Type: article

Lindsay, Kenneth A. and Nordquist, Peter R. (2007)
"More than a feeling: Some techinical details of swing rhythm in music,"
Acoustics Today 3(3), 31-42.

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