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  ID: 24628  Literatur Type: article

Bell, Andrew (2014)
"Annoyance from wind turbines: role of the middle ear muscles,"
Acoustics Australia Journal 42(1).
  ID: 24627  Literatur Type: article

Bell, Andrew (2011)
"How do middle ear muscles protect the cochlea? Reconsideration of the intralabyrinthine pressure theory,"
Journal of Hearing Science (JHS) 1(2), 9-23.
  ID: 14958  Literatur Type: article

Bell, Andrew and Fletcher, Neville H. (2004)
"The cochlear amplifier as a standing wave: “Squirting” waves between rows of outer hair cells?,"
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA) 116(2), 1016-1024 .

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