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  ID: 13626  Literatur Type: article

Dequand, S.; Hulshoff, S.; Van Kuijk, H. J.; Willems, J. F. H., and Hirschberg, A. (2003)
"Helmholtz-Like Resonator Self-Sustained Oscillations, Part 2: Detailed Flow Measurements and Numerical Simulations,"
AIAA Journal 41(3), 416-423.
  ID: 13943  Literatur Type: article

Kim, J. W. and Lee, D. J. (1996)
"Optimized compact finite difference schemes with maximum resolution,"
AIAA Journal 34(5), 887-893.
  ID: 13252  Literatur Type: article

Sudo, Y. and Sparrow, V. W. (1995)
"Sound Propagation Simulation Using Lattice Gas Methods,"
AIAA Journal 33(9), 1582-9.
  ID: 13724  Literatur Type: article

Lockard, D. P.; Brentner, K. S., and Atkins, H. L. (1995)
"High-accuracy algorithms for computational aeroacoustics,"
AIAA Journal 33(2), 246-251.
  ID: 13953  Literatur Type: article

Zingg, D. W.; Lomax, H., and Jurgens, H. (1993)
"An optimized finite difference scheme for wave propagation problems,"
AIAA Journal 93(459).

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