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  ID: 13675  Literatur Type: article

Ubertini, S.; Bella, G., and Succi, S. ; (2003)
"Lattice Boltzmann method on unstructured grids: Further developments,"
Physical Review E 68, 16701.
  ID: 13140  Literatur Type: article

Filippova, O.; Succi, S.; Mazzocco, F.; Arrighetti, C.; Bella, G., and Hänel, D. (2001)
"Multiscale Lattice Boltzmann Schemes with Turbulence Modeling,"
Journal of Computational Physics 170, 812-29.
  ID: 13236  Literatur Type: article

Renda, A.; Bella, G.; Succi, S., and Karlin, I. V. (1998)
"Thermodynamic lattice BGK schemes with non-perturbative equilibria,"
Europhysics Letters 41(3), 279-83.

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