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  ID: 13154  Literatur Type: article

Guo, Z.; Zheng, C., and Zhao, T. S. (2001)
"A lattice BGK scheme with general propagation,"
Journal of Scientific Computing 16(4), 569-85.
  ID: 13118  Literatur Type: article

Chen, Y.; Ohashi, H., and Akiyama, M. (1997)
"Two-parameter thermal lattice BGK model with a controllable Prandtl number,"
Journal of Scientific Computing 12(2), 169-85.
  ID: 13232  Literatur Type: article

Qian, Y. H. (1993)
"Simulating thermohydrodynamics with lattice BGK models,"
Journal of Scientific Computing 8(3), 231-42.
  ID: 13249  Literatur Type: article

Succi, S.; Qian, Y. H., and Orszag, S. A. (1993)
"On the small-scale dynamical behavior of lattice BGK and lattice Boltzmann schemes,"
Journal of Scientific Computing 8(3), 219-30.

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