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Franosch, Jan-Moritz P.; Kempter, Richard; Fastl, Hugo, and van Hemmen, J. Leo (2003)
"Zwicker Tone Illusion and Noise Reduction in the Auditory System,"
Physical Review Letters 90(17), 178103(1-4).
  ID: 13246  Literatur Type: article

Succi, S. (2002)
"Mesoscopic Modeling of Slip Motion at Fluid-Solid Interfaces with Heterogeneous Catalysis,"
Physical Review Letters 89(6), 064502(4).
  ID: 13196  Literatur Type: article

Ladd, A. J. C. (2002)
"Effects of Container Walls on the Velocity Fluctuations of Sedimenting Spheres,"
Physical Review Letters 88(4), 048301(4).
  ID: 13269  Literatur Type: article

Verberg, R. and Ladd, A. J. C. (2000)
"A lattice-Boltzmann model with sub-grid scale boundary conditions,"
Physical Review Letters 84(10),  2148-51.
  ID: 17665  Literatur Type: article

Cartwright, Julyan H. E.; González, Diego L., and Piro, Oreste (1999)
"Nonlinear Dynamics of the Perceived Pitch of Complex Sounds,"
Physical Review Letters 82(26), 5389 (1-4).
  ID: 13206  Literatur Type: article

Luo, L. S. (1998)
"Unified theory of lattice Boltzmann models for nonideal gases,"
Physical Review Letters 81(8), 1618-21.
  ID: 13189  Literatur Type: article

Karlin, I. V.; Gorban, A. N.; Succi, S., and Boffi, V. (1998)
"Maximum entropy principle for lattice kinetic equations,"
Physical Review Letters 81(1), 40062.
  ID: 13375  Literatur Type: article

Shan, Xiaowen and He, Xiaoyi (1998)
"Discretization of the velocity space in solution of the Boltzmann equation,"
Physical Review Letters 80(1), 65 (1-12).
  ID: 13238  Literatur Type: article

Shan, X. and He, X. (1998)
"Discretization of the velocity space in the solution of the Boltzmann equation,"
Physical Review Letters 80(1), 65-8.
  ID: 13152  Literatur Type: article

Gorban, A. N. and Karlin, I. V. (1996)
"Short-Wave Limit of Hydrodynamics: A Soluble Example,"
Physical Review Letters 77(2), 282-5.
  ID: 13254  Literatur Type: article

Swift, M. R.; Osborn, W. R., and Yeomans, J. M. (1995)
"Lattice Boltzmann simulation of nonideal fluids,"
Physical Review Letters 75(5), 830-3.
  ID: 22244  Literatur Type: article

Alexander, F. J.; Garcia, Alejandro L., and Alder, Bemi J. (1995)
"A Consistent BoItzmann Algorithm,"
Physical Review Letters 74(26), 5212-5215.
  ID: 13113  Literatur Type: article

Chen, S.; Chen, H.; Martinez, D., and Matthaeus, W. (1991)
"Lattice Boltzmann model for simulation of magnetohydrodynamics,"
Physical Review Letters 67(27), 3776-9.

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