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  ID: 13190  Literatur Type: article

Karlin, I. V.; Ferrante, A., and Öttinger, H. C. (1999)
"Perfect entropy functions of the Lattice Boltzmann method,"
Europhysics Letters 47(2), 182-8.
  ID: 13276  Literatur Type: article

Wagner, A. J. (1998)
"An H-Theorem for the Lattice Boltzmann Approach to Hydrodynamics,"
Europhysics Letters 44(2), 144-9.
  ID: 13105  Literatur Type: article

Buick, J. M.; Greated, C. A., and Campbell, D. M. (1998)
"Lattice BGK simulation of sound waves,"
Europhysics Letters 43(3), 235-40.
  ID: 13149  Literatur Type: article

Giraud, L. and Lallemand, P. (1998)
"A lattice Boltzmann model for Jeffreys viscoelastic fluid,"
Europhysics Letters 42(6), 625-30.
  ID: 13234  Literatur Type: article

Qian, Y. H. and Zhou, Y. (1998)
"Complete Galilean-invariant lattice BGK models for the Navier-Stokes equation,"
Europhysics Letters 42(4), 359-64.
  ID: 13214  Literatur Type: article

Masselot, A. and Chopard, B. (1998)
"A lattice Boltzmann model for particle transport and deposition,"
Europhysics Letters 42(3), 259-64.
  ID: 13236  Literatur Type: article

Renda, A.; Bella, G.; Succi, S., and Karlin, I. V. (1998)
"Thermodynamic lattice BGK schemes with non-perturbative equilibria,"
Europhysics Letters 41(3), 279-83.
  ID: 13160  Literatur Type: article

Hayot, F. and Wagner, L. (1996)
"A non-local modification of a lattice Boltzmann model,"
Europhysics Letters 33(6), 435-40.
  ID: 13231  Literatur Type: article

Qian, Y. H. and Orszag, S. A. (1993)
"Lattice BGK models for the Navier-Stokes equation: Nonlinear deviation in compressible regimes,"
Europhysics Letters 21(3), 255-9.
  ID: 13230  Literatur Type: article

Qian, Y. H. and Lallemand, P. (1992)
"Lattice BGK models for Navier-Stokes equation,"
Europhysics Letters 17(6), 479-84.
  ID: 13273  Literatur Type: article

Vergassola, M.; Benzi, R., and Succi, S. (1990)
"On the hydrodynamic behavior of the Lattice Boltzmann Equation,"
Europhysics Letters 13(5), 411-6.
  ID: 13173  Literatur Type: article

Higuera, F. J. and Jimenez, J. (1989)
"Boltzmann approach to lattice gas simulations,"
Europhysics Letters 9(7), 663-8.
  ID: 13172  Literatur Type: article

Higuera, F. J.; Succi, S., and Benzi, R. (1989)
"Lattice gas dynamics with enhanced collisions,"
Europhysics Letters 9(4), 345-9.

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