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Tölke, J.; Krafczyk, M., and Rank, E. (2002)
"A Multigrid-Solver for the Discrete Boltzmann Equation,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 573-91.
  ID: 13237  Literatur Type: article

Seta, T. and Takahashi, R. (2002)
"Numerical Stability Analysis of FDLBM,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 557-72.
  ID: 13120  Literatur Type: article

Chew, Y. T.; Shu, C., and Peng, Y. (2002)
"On Implementation of Boundary Conditions in the Application of Finite Volume Lattice Boltzmann Method,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 539-56.
  ID: 13275  Literatur Type: article

Wagner, A. J. and Pagonabarraga, I. (2002)
"Lees–Edwards Boundary Conditions for Lattice Boltzmann,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 521-37.
  ID: 13225  Literatur Type: article

Pavlo, P.; Vahala, G., and Vahala, L. (2002)
"Preliminary Results in the Use of Energy-Dependent Octagonal Lattices for Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Simulations,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 499-519.
  ID: 13266  Literatur Type: article

Tsutahara, M. and Kang, H. K. (2002)
"A Discrete Effect of the Thermal Lattice BGK Model,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 479-98.
  ID: 13201  Literatur Type: article

Lockard, D. P.; Luo, L. S.; Milder, S. D., and Singer, B. A. (2002)
"Evaluation of PowerFLOW for Aerodynamic Applications,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 432-78.
  ID: 13213  Literatur Type: article

Mason, R. J. (2002)
"A Multi-Speed Compressible Lattice-Boltzmann Model,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 385-400.
  ID: 13283  Literatur Type: article

Yamamoto, K.; He, X., and Doolen, G. D. (2002)
"Simulation of Combustion Field with Lattice Boltzmann Method,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 367-83.
  ID: 13248  Literatur Type: article

Succi, S.; Smith, G., and Kaxiras, E. (2002)
"Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Reactive Microflows over Catalytic Surfaces,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 343-66.
  ID: 13119  Literatur Type: article

Chew, Y. T.; Shu, C., and Niu, X. D. (2002)
"A New Differential Lattice Boltzmann Equation and its Application to Simulate Incompressible Flows on Non-Uniform Grids,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 329-42.
  ID: 13163  Literatur Type: article

He, X. and Doolen, G. D. (2002)
"Thermodynamic Foundations of Kinetic Theory and Lattice Boltzmann Models for Multiphase Flows,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 309-28.
  ID: 13093  Literatur Type: article

Ansumali, S. and Karlin, I. V. (2002)
"Entropy Function Approach to the Lattice Boltzmann Method,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 291-308.
  ID: 13247  Literatur Type: article

Succi, S.; Filippova, O.; Chen, H., and Orszag, S. (2002)
"Towards a Renormalized Lattice Boltzmann Equation for Fluid Turbulence,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 261-78.
  ID: 13268  Literatur Type: article

Valli, A.; Koponen, A; Vesala, T., and Timonen, J. (2002)
"Simulations of water flow through bordered pits of conifer xylem,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 121-42.
  ID: 13227  Literatur Type: article

Qi, D.; Luo, L. S.; Aravamuthan, R., and Strieder, W. (2002)
"Lateral Migration and Orientation of Elliptical Particles in Poiseuille Flows,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 101-20.
  ID: 13124  Literatur Type: article

Chopard, B. and Marconi, St. (2002)
"Lattice Boltzmann Solid Particles in a Lattice Boltzmann Fluid,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 107(39845), 23-37.
  ID: 13195  Literatur Type: article

Ladd, A. J. C. and Verberg, R. (2001)
"Lattice-Boltzmann Simulations of Particle-Fluid Suspensions,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 104(39969), 1191-251.
  ID: 13242  Literatur Type: article

Van Der Sman, R. G. M. and Ernst, M. H. (1999)
"Diffusion Lattice Boltzmann Scheme on a Orthorhombic Lattice,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 94(39845), 203-17.
  ID: 13170  Literatur Type: article

He, X.; Zou, Q.; Luo, L. S., and Dembo, M. (1997)
"Analytic solutions of simple flows and analysis of nonslip boundary conditions for the lattice Boltzmann BGK model,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 87(39845), 115-36.
  ID: 13147  Literatur Type: article

Ginzbourg, I. (1996)
"Local Second-Order Boundary Methods for Lattice Boltzmann Models,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 84(39969), 927-71.
  ID: 13250  Literatur Type: article

Succi, S.; Amati, G., and Benzi, R. (1995)
"Challenges in lattice Boltzmann computing,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 81(39845), 42491.
  ID: 13291  Literatur Type: article

Zou, Q.; Hou, S., and Doolen, G. D. (1995)
"Analytical solutions of the lattice Boltzmann BGK model,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 81(39845), 319-34.
  ID: 13290  Literatur Type: article

Zou, Q.; Hou, S.; Chen, S., and Doolen, G. D. (1995)
"An improved incompressible lattice Boltzmann model for time-independent flows,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 81(39845), 35-48.
  ID: 13221  Literatur Type: article

Noble, D. R.; Georgiadis, J. G., and Buckius, R. O. (1995)
"Direct Assessment of Lattice Boltzmann Hydrodynamics and Boundary Conditions for Recirculating Flows,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 81(39845), 17-33.
  ID: 13289  Literatur Type: article

Ziegler, D. P. (1993)
"Boundary Conditions for Lattice Boltzmann Simulations,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 71(39969), 1171-7.
  ID: 13219  Literatur Type: article

Nanelli, F. and Succi, S. (1992)
"The Lattice Boltzmann Equation on Irregular Lattices,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 68(39906), 401-7.
  ID: 13114  Literatur Type: article

Chen, S.; Wang, Z.; Shan, X., and Doolen, G. D. (1992)
"Lattice Boltzmann Computational Fluid Dynamics in Three Dimensions,"
Journal of Statistical Physics 68(39906), 379-400.

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