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Junk, M.; Klar, A., and Luo, L. S. (2005)
"Asymptotic Analysis of the Lattice Boltzmann Method,"
Journal of Computational Physics 210(2), 676–704.
  ID: 13681  Literatur Type: article

Dellar, Paul J. (2003)
"Incompressible limits of Lattice Boltzmann equations using multiple relaxation times,"
Journal of Computational Physics 190(2), 351-370.
  ID: 13682  Literatur Type: article

Lallemand, Pierre and Luo, Li-Shi; (2003)
"Lattice Boltzmann method for moving boundaries,"
Journal of Computational Physics 184(2), 42370.
  ID: 13683  Literatur Type: article

Lee, Taehun and Lin, Ching-Long (2002)
"An Eulerian description of the streaming process in the Lattice Boltzmann equation,"
Journal of Computational Physics 185(2), 445-471.
  ID: 13203  Literatur Type: article

Lu, Z., et al. (2002)
"Large Eddy Simulations of a Stirred Tank Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method on a Nonuniform Grid,"
Journal of Computational Physics 181, 675-704.
  ID: 13164  Literatur Type: article

He, X.; Doolen, G. D., and Clark, T. (2002)
"Comparison of the Lattice Boltzmann Method and the Artificial Compressibility Method for Navier-Stokes Equations,"
Journal of Computational Physics 179, 439-51.
  ID: 13101  Literatur Type: article

Bouzidi, M.; Lallemand, P., and Luo, L. S. (2001)
"Lattice Boltzmann Equation on a Two-Dimensional Rectangular Grid,"
Journal of Computational Physics 172, 704-717.
  ID: 13140  Literatur Type: article

Filippova, O.; Succi, S.; Mazzocco, F.; Arrighetti, C.; Bella, G., and Hänel, D. (2001)
"Multiscale Lattice Boltzmann Schemes with Turbulence Modeling,"
Journal of Computational Physics 170, 812-29.
  ID: 13139  Literatur Type: article

Filippova, O. and Hänel, D. (2000)
"Acceleration of Lattice-BGK Schemes with Grid Refinement,"
Journal of Computational Physics 165, 407-27.
  ID: 22251  Literatur Type: article

Mieussens, Luc (2000)
"Discrete-Velocity Models and Numerical Schemes for the Boltzmann-BGK Equation in Plane and Axisymmetric Geometries,"
Journal of Computational Physics 162, 429-466.
  ID: 13215  Literatur Type: article

Mei, R.; Shyy, W.; Yu, D., and Luo, L. S. (2000)
"Lattice Boltzmann method for 3-D flows with curved boundary,"
Journal of Computational Physics 161(2), 680-99.
  ID: 13224  Literatur Type: article

Palmer, B. J. and Rector, D. R. (2000)
"Lattice Boltzmann algorithm for simulating thermal flow in compressible fluids,"
Journal of Computational Physics 161, 43831.
  ID: 13138  Literatur Type: article

Filippova, O. and Hänel, D. (2000)
"A novel lattice BGK approach for low Mach number combustion,"
Journal of Computational Physics 158(2), 139-60.
  ID: 13185  Literatur Type: article

Junk, M. and Rao, S. V. R. (1999)
"A new discrete velocity method for Navier-Stokes equations,"
Journal of Computational Physics 155(1), 178-98.
  ID: 13218  Literatur Type: article

Mei, R.; Lou, L., and Shyy, W. (1999)
"An Accurate Curved Boundary Treatment in the Lattice Boltzmann Method,"
Journal of Computational Physics 155, 307-30.
  ID: 13187  Literatur Type: article

Kandhai, D.; Koponen, A.; Hoekstra, A.; Kataja, M.; Timonen, J., and Sloot, P. M. A. (1999)
"Implementation Aspects of 3D lattice-BGK: Boundaries, Accuracy, and a New Fast Relaxation Method,"
Journal of Computational Physics 150, 482-501.
  ID: 13654  Literatur Type: article

Klar, Axel (1998)
"Relaxation scheme for a Lattice-Boltzmann-Type discrete velocity model and numercial Navier-Stokes limit,"
Journal of Computational Physics 148(4), 416-432.
  ID: 13143  Literatur Type: article

Filippova, O. and Hänel, D. (1998)
"Grid Refinement for Lattice-BGK Models,"
Journal of Computational Physics 147, 219-28.
  ID: 13217  Literatur Type: article

Mei, R. and Shyy, W. (1998)
"On the Finite Difference-Based Lattice Boltzmann Method in Curvilinear Coordinates,"
Journal of Computational Physics 143, 426-48.
  ID: 22241  Literatur Type: article

Ohwada, Taku (1998)
"Higher Order Approximation Methods for the Boltzmann Equation,"
Journal of Computational Physics 139, 1-14.
  ID: 22253  Literatur Type: article

Tallec, Patrick Le and Mallinger, François (1997)
"Coupling Boltzmann and Navier–Stokes Equations by Half Fluxes,"
Journal of Computational Physics 136(1), 51-67.
  ID: 13167  Literatur Type: article

He, X. and Doolen, G. (1997)
"Lattice Boltzmann Method on Curvilinear Coordinate System: Flow araund a Curvilinear Cylinder,"
Journal of Computational Physics 134, 306-15.
  ID: 13085  Literatur Type: article

Abe, T. (1997)
"Derivation of the lattice Boltzmann method by means of the discrete ordinate method for the Boltzmann equation,"
Journal of Computational Physics 131(1), 241-6.
  ID: 13165  Literatur Type: article

He, X.; Luo, L., and Dembo, M. (1996)
"Some Progress in Lattice Boltzmann method. Part I. Nonuniform Mesh Grids,"
Journal of Computational Physics 129, 357-63.
  ID: 13377  Literatur Type: article

Sterling, James D. and Chen, Shiyi (1996)
"Stability Analysis of Lattice Boltzmann Methods,"
Journal of Computational Physics 123(1), 196-206.
  ID: 13243  Literatur Type: article

Sterling, J. D. and Chen, S. (1996)
"Stability analysis of lattice Boltzmann methods,"
Journal of Computational Physics 123(1), 196-206.
  ID: 13176  Literatur Type: article

Hou, S.; Zou, Q.; Chen, S.; Doolen, G., and Cogley, A. C. (1995)
"Simulation of cavity flow by the lattice Boltzmann method,"
Journal of Computational Physics 118(2), 329-47.
  ID: 13715  Literatur Type: article

Chang, S. C. (1995)
"The method of space-time conservation element and solution element - A new approach for solving the Navier-Stokes and Euler equations,"
Journal of Computational Physics 103, 16-42.
  ID: 13090  Literatur Type: article

Ancona, M. G. (1994)
"Fully-Lagrangian and lattice-Boltzmann methods for solving systems of conservation equations,"
Journal of Computational Physics 115(1), 107-20.
  ID: 13951  Literatur Type: article

Tam, C. K. W. and Webb, J. C. (1992)
"Dispersion-relation-preserving finite differencing schemes for computational acoustics,"
Journal of Computational Physics 107, 262-281.
  ID: 13944  Literatur Type: article

Lele, S. K. (1991)
"Compact finite difference schemes with spectral like resolution,"
Journal of Computational Physics 103, 16-42.

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