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Soeta, Yoshiharu; Ito, Ken; Shimokura, Ryota; Sato, Shin-ichi; Ohsawa, Tomohiro, and Ando, Yoichi (2012)
"Effects Of Sound Source Location And Direction On Acoustic Parameters In Japanese Churches,"
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA) 131(2), 1206-1220.
  ID: 22315  Literatur Type: book

Thomas D. Rossing (ed.) (2007)
Springer Handbook Of Acoustics
(Springer Science+Business Media, LLC New York).
  ID: 14700  Literatur Type: inproceedings

Kato, Kosuke; Hirawa, Tkatsugu; Kawai, Keiji; Yano, Takashi, and Ando, Yoichi (2005)
"A mehod of the blending of operatic singing voices with a given sound field by varying subjective sound volume,"
in Forum Acusticum Budapest 2005, 4th European Congress on Acoustics (Budapest, HU) p. 499-504.
  ID: 14166  Literatur Type: inproceedings

Kato, Kosuke; Fujii, Kenji; Kawai, Keiji; Ando, Yoichi, and Yano, Takashi (2004)
"Blending vocal music with the sound field –the effective duration of autocorrelation function of Western professional singing voices with different vowels and pitches,"
in Proceedings of the International Symposium on Musical Acoustics, ISMA 2004 (Nara).
  ID: 13838  Literatur Type: inproceedings

Kato, Kosuke; Noson, Dennis, and Ando, Yoichi (2003)
"The effect of vocal vibrato on blending Individual singer characteristics with hall acoustics,"
in Proceedings of the Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference 2003, SMAC 03. Volume II, edited by Roberto Bresin (Royal Swedish Academy of Music, Stockholm (SE)) 2, p. 475-478.
  ID: 13039  Literatur Type: inproceedings

Kato, Kosuke; Noson, Dennis, and Ando, Yoichi (2002)
"Blending vocal music with sound fields by variations in lyrics and music tempo,"
in Forum Acusticum Sevilla 2002, edited by Antonio Calvo-Manzano and Antonio Pérez-López and Jose Salvador Santiago (Sociedad Española de Acústica (SEA), Madrid, ES) p. MUS-06-007.

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