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  ID: 18431  Literatur Type: article

Micheyl, Christophe and Oxenham, Andrew J. (2010)
"Pitch, harmonicity and concurrent sound segregation: Psychoacoustical and neurophysiological findings,"
Hearing Research 266(1-2), 36–51.
  ID: 18659  Literatur Type: article

Pratt, Hillel; Starr, Arnold; Michalewski, Henry J.; Dimitrijevic, Andrew, and Bleich, Naomi (2010)
"A comparison of auditory evoked potentials to acoustic beats and to binaural beats,"
Hearing Research 262(1), 34-44.
  ID: 18747  Literatur Type: article

Krishnan, Ananthanarayan; Xu, Yisheng; Gandour, Jackson T., and Cariani, Peter A. (2004)
"Human frequency-following response: representation of pitch contours in Chinese tones,"
Hearing Research 189(1-2), 1-12.
  ID: 12859  Literatur Type: article

Griffiths, Scott K.; Pierson, Linda L.; Gerhardt, Kenneth J.; Abrams, Robert M., and Peters, Aemil J. M. (1994)
"Noise induced hearing loss in fetal sheep,"
Hearing Research 74(1-2), 221-230.

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