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Hofmann, Alex; Wesolowski, Brian, and Goebl, Werner (2017)
"The tight-interlocked rhythm section: Production and perception of synchronisation in Jazz Trio Performance,"
Journal of New Music Research 46(4), 329–341.
  ID: 22325  Literatur Type: article

Devaney, Johanna (2014)
"Estimating Onset and Offset Asynchronies in Polyphonic Score-Audio Alignment,"
Journal of New Music Research 43(3), 266-275.
  ID: 22324  Literatur Type: article

Riera, Pablo E.; Proscia, Martin, and Eguia, Manuel C. (2014)
"A Comparative Study of Saxophone Multiphonics: Musical, Psychophysical and Spectral Analysis,"
Journal of New Music Research 43(2), 202-213.
  ID: 22323  Literatur Type: article

MacRitchie, Jennifer and Bailey, Nicholas J. (2013)
"Efficient Tracking of Pianists’ Finger Movements,"
Journal of New Music Research 42(1), 79-95.
  ID: 20610  Literatur Type: article

MacRitchie, Jennifer and Bailey, Nicholas J. (2013)
"Efficient Tracking of Pianists’ Finger Movements,"
Journal of New Music Research 42(1), 79-95.
  ID: 20607  Literatur Type: article

Pätynen, Jukka; Tervo, Sakari, and Lokki, Tapio (2012)
"Temporal Differences in String Bowing of Symphony Orchestra Players,"
Journal of New Music Research 41(3), 223-237.
  ID: 20608  Literatur Type: article

Liebman, Elad; Ornoy, Eitan, and Chor, Benny (2012)
"A Phylogenetic Approach to Music Performance Analysis,"
Journal of New Music Research 41(2), 195-222.
  ID: 20606  Literatur Type: article

Bianco, Tommaso; Fréour, Vincent; Cossette, Isabelle; Bevilaqua, Frédéric, and Caussé, René (2012)
"Measures of Facial Muscle Activation, Intra-oral Pressure and Mouthpiece Force in Trumpet Playing,"
Journal of New Music Research 41(1), 49-65.
  ID: 19205  Literatur Type: article

Zoran, Amit (2011)
"The 3D Printed Flute: Digital Fabrication and Design of Musical Instruments,"
Journal of New Music Research 40(4), 379-387.
  ID: 20611  Literatur Type: article

Berthaut, Florent; Desainte-Catherine, Myriam, and Hachet, Martin (2011)
"Interacting with 3D Reactive Widgets for Musical Performance,"
Journal of New Music Research 40(3), 253-263.
  ID: 20612  Literatur Type: article

Şimşekli, Umut and Cemgil, Ali Taylan (2011)
"Probabilistic Models for Real-time Acoustic Event Detection with Application to Pitch Tracking,"
Journal of New Music Research 40(2), 175-185.
  ID: 20613  Literatur Type: article

Zoran, Amit and Paradiso, Joseph A. (2011)
"The Chameleon Guitar—Guitar with a Replaceable Resonator,"
Journal of New Music Research 40(1), 59-74.
  ID: 15869  Literatur Type: article

Flossmann, Sebastian; Goebl, Werner; Grachten, Maarten; Niedermayer, Bernhard, and Widmer, Gerhard (2010)
"The Magaloff Project: An interim report,"
Journal of New Music Research 39(4), 363-377.
  ID: 19471  Literatur Type: article

Serafin, Stefania and Götzen, Amalia de (2009)
"An Enactive Approach to the Preservation of Musical Instruments Reconstructing Russolo's Intonarumori,"
Journal of New Music Research 38(3), 231-239.
  ID: 15390  Literatur Type: article

Grachten, Maarten; Goebl, Werner; Flossmann, Sebastian, and Widmer, Gerhard (2009)
"Phase-plane representation and visualization of gestural structure in expressive timing.,"
Journal of New Music Research 38(2), 183-195.
  ID: 20616  Literatur Type: article

Baraldi, Filippo Bonini; DePoli, Giovanni, and Rodà, Antonio (2006)
"Communicating expressive intentions with a single piano note,"
Journal of New Music Research 35(3), 197-210.
  ID: 20615  Literatur Type: article

Wanderley, Marcelo M.; Vines, Bradley W.; Middleton, Neil; McKay, Cory, and Hatch, Wesley (2005)
"The Musical Significance of Clarinetists' Ancillary Gestures: An Exploration of the Field,"
Journal of New Music Research 34(1), 97-113.
  ID: 15830  Literatur Type: article

Widmer, Gerhard and Goebl, Werner (2004)
"Computational models of expressive music performance: The state of the art,"
Journal of New Music Research 33(3), 203-216.
  ID: 15827  Literatur Type: article

Kopiez, Reinhard; Bangert, Marc; Goebl, Werner, and Altenmüller, Eckart (2003)
"Tempo and loudness analysis of a continuous 28-hour performance of Erik Satie's composition 'Vexations',"
Journal of New Music Research 32(3), 243-258.
  ID: 12778  Literatur Type: article

Kausel, Wilfried (2001)
"Optimization of Brasswind Instruments and its Application in Bore Reconstruction,"
Journal of New Music Research 30(1), 69-82.
  ID: 17708  Literatur Type: article

Leman, Marc (1999)
"Relevance of Neuromusicology for Music Research,"
Journal of New Music Research 28(3), 186-199.
  ID: 19221  Literatur Type: article

Farina, Angelo; Langhoff, Andreas, and Tronchin, Lamberto (1998)
"Acoustic characterisation of “virtual” musical instruments: Using MLS technique on ancient violins,"
Journal of New Music Research 27(4), 359-379.
  ID: 12577  Literatur Type: article

Friberg, Anders; Frydén, Lars; Sundberg, Johan, and Bresin, Roberto (1998)
"Musical Punctuation on the Microlevel: Automatic Identification and Performance of Small Melodic Units,"
Journal of New Music Research 27(3), 271-292.
  ID: 12562  Literatur Type: article

Bresin, Roberto (1998)
"Artificial Neural Networks Based Models for Automatic Performance of Musical Scores,"
Journal of New Music Research(39899), 239-270.
  ID: 19872  Literatur Type: article

Houtsma, Adrianus J. M. (1997)
"Pitch and timbre: Definition, meaning and use,"
Journal of New Music Research 26(2), 104-115.
  ID: 17406  Literatur Type: article

Brown, Guy J. and Cooke, Martin (1994)
"Perceptual Grouping of Musical Sounds: A Computational Model,"
Journal of New Music Research 23(2), 107-132.
  ID: 20345  Literatur Type: article

Cosi, Piero; De Poli, Giovanni, and Lauzzana, Giampaolo (1994)
"Auditory Modelling and Self-Organizing Neural Networks for Timbre Classification,"
Journal of New Music Research 23(1), 71-98.
  ID: 19545  Literatur Type: article

Tanguiane, Andranick S. (1993)
"Music recognition based on artificial perception approach,"
Journal of New Music Research 22(2), 133-149.

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