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  ID: 17651  Literatur Type: article

Shahin, Antoine; Roberts, Larry E.; Pantev, Christo; Trainor, Laurel J., and Ross, Bernhard (2005)
"Modulation of P2 auditory-evoked responses by the spectral complexity of musical sounds,"
NeuroReport 16(16), 1781-1785.
  ID: 17748  Literatur Type: article

Shahin, Antoine; Roberts, Larry E., and Trainor, Laurel J. (2004)
"Enhancement of auditory cortical development by musical experience in children,"
NeuroReport 15(12), 1917-1921.
  ID: 21046  Literatur Type: article

Hirata, Yoshihiro; Schulz, Matthias; Altenmüller, Eckart; Elbert, Thomas, and Pantev, Christo (2004)
"Sensory mapping of lip representation in brass musicians with embouchure dystonia,"
NeuroReport 15(5), 815-818.
  ID: 12244  Literatur Type: article

Elbert, Thomas; Candia, Victor; Altenmüller, Eckart; Rau, Harald; Sterr, Annette; Rochstroh, Brigitte; Pantev, Christo, and Taub, Edward (1998)
"Alteration of digital representations in somato-sensory cortex in focal hand dystonia,"
NeuroReport 9(16), 3571-3575.

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