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Roederer, Juan G. (1982)
"Physical and neuropsychological foundations of music,"
in Music, mind, and brain: the neuropsychology of music, edited by Manfred Clynes (Plenum Press, New York, NY and London, UK) p. 37-46.
  ID: 12173  Literatur Type: incollection

Clynes, Manfred and Walker, Janice (1982)
"Neurobiologic Functions of Rhythm, Time, and Pulse in Music,"
in Expanded version of the proceedings of the Third Workshop on the Physical and Neuropsychological Foundations of Music, edited by Manfred Clynes (Plenum Publishing Corporation, New York, NY) p. 171-216.
  ID: 12174  Literatur Type: inbook

Clynes, Manfred and Nettheim, Nigel (1982)
"The Living Quality of Music. Neurobiological Patterns of Communicating Feeling,"
, edited by Manfred Clynes (Plenum Publishing Corporation, New York, NY) p. 47-82.

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