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  ID: 13434  Literatur Type: article

Howe, M. S. (1997)
"Edge, cavity and aperture tones at very low Mach numbers,"
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 330, 61-84.
  ID: 13197  Literatur Type: article

Ladd, A. J. C. (1994)
"Numerical simulation of particulate suspensions via a discretized Boltzmann equation. Part 1. Theoretical foundation. Part 2. Numerical Results,"
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 271, 285-339.
  ID: 12119  Literatur Type: article

Peters, M. C. A. M.; Hirschberg, A.; Reijnen, A. J., and Wijnands, A. P. J. (1993)
"Damping and reflection coefficient measurements for an open pipe at low Mach and low Helmholtz numbers,"
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 256, 499-534.
  ID: 13422  Literatur Type: article

Crighton, David George (1992)
"The edgetone feedback cycle. Linear theory for the operating stages,"
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 234, 361-391.
  ID: 13432  Literatur Type: article

Howe, M. S. (1975)
"Contributions to the theory of aerodynamic sound, with applications to excess jet noise and the thoery of the flute,"
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 71(4), 625-73.
  ID: 13442  Literatur Type: article

Michalke, A. (1965)
"On spatially growing disturbances in an inviscid shear layer,"
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 23, 521-544.
  ID: 13441  Literatur Type: article

Michalke, A. (1964)
"On the inviscid instability of the hyperbolic-tangent velocity profile,"
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 19, 543-556.
  ID: 13450  Literatur Type: article

Sato, Hiroshi (1960)
"The stability and transition of a two-dimensional jet,"
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 7, 53-80.

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